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Trapped indeed. Clever!

Definitely some fun turns to this story, but it was kind of inscrutable why some seemingly minor choices led to quite different outcomes. Still, overall an entertaining adventure.

You made a very valiant effort to pack a lot of story into a very short word limit, but it would have been nice to have a few more choices. Still, I could see a longer version of this being interesting.

I liked how the slowly revealed text helps pace the experience. I also found it very effective the way you use player choices to craft an experience meant to be uniquely disturbing to each player. The worst thing, indeed!

A restart button would have been a nice touch, especially as the story definitely gets creepier as you play out all the paths. Even if a little predictable, as one of the previous comments points out, I do like that it requires a few plays to appreciate the true horror!

I like that you left a lot of the details up to the player's imagination. Works rather effectively here.

Very few games can trigger an existential crisis like this one. Macabre indeed!

I enjoyed the uncommon choice of character for the player. A fun experience.

Wonderfully creepy. Does a great job of defying the reader's expectations.

Even without much context to explain the premise, this game succeeds in being quite unsettling. Nicely done.

Really excellent of sound. You created a coherent and creepy aesthetic overall!

A lovely and creative idea--you've made a sort of living poem. You might want to consider using Twine's Jonah format for this, so that readers could easily see the passages they've selected all together when they're done. Overall, a nice submission.

A simple premise, but does a great job of creating tension. Definitely one of my favorites from this jam!

Does a stellar job of capturing the feeling of an 80's fantasy horror movie in a solid text adventure game. Enjoyed this one a lot!

Intelligent writing, appropriately dark aesthetic, and excellent adherence to the theme. I second Greg's comment about feeling like a fever dream. Great jam submission!

Not your standard horror fare, but still wonderfully unsettling. Well done!

Not a great deal of player choice, but lovely storytelling. Well paced, well written, and creepy!

Opening of the game alone creates a wonderfully tense atmosphere! I think there might have been a bug getting to one of the endings, but enjoyed the overall concept and experience.

Quirky! Enjoyed the fun and totally unexpected outcomes.

Very onomatopoeic :-)

A well-constructed text adventure. Loved the inclusion of both the flashlight and the *achoo* dust.

Text is well written. Content is definitely unsettling.

Always thought the passengers were the scariest thing about the subway. This has me reconsidering. Nicely done :-)

Love the creepy aesthetic, and the chat interface was a clever premise. Would maybe have like to see the choices have a little more impact on the outcome of the story. Nice ending though!

Love the premise of playing as the protean monster; molding yourself in a way that's appropriate to your particular prey. Would be nice if you could reset/replay scenarios individually, but overall, clever!

Love this! It captures the essence of a slumber party perfectly. Fun and entertainingly written.