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Thank you a lot!

thanks! as people say, nice ideas come from restriction (being unable to interact bitsy with twine). oh, audio would definetely helped it a lot hahaha I'm sure to fix it when I remaster these bitsy games. they are so quick to make, so I believe I'm also able to make them closer to my original intention.

thank you once more, for finding and mentioning the fire things. I loved it but chose to keep it not obvious, and was afraid no one was going to find it.

another person also told me the dagger is their favourite! apart from the beast, I believe it is the only one specifically mentioned

never considered doing a tarot, but now that you mentioned, it reminded me of this: 

I believe the beast illustrate best what was going on here: I had no idea what to do but just kept going, got to having to write something for the beast, nothing came, and then remembered bitsy has text effects, so NNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG

I'm really glad and relieved the avatar is recognizable hahaha 

Surprisingly it has an ending, considering I had no idea what I was writing or doing

next time I consider commenting something on the internet, I will remember this so I won't have my ass kicked

Triple thanks! For playing, for commenting, and for hosting this jam (:

The game I did before this one had only two screens, this one have like four, right? hahaha But this approach seems to be working since I failed to deliver a lot of games in previous jams, mainly due to scoping.  Really glad the story worked for you.

I believe it's possible to having them affecting each other, and more than that, I believe I'm able to achieve it eventually. Would also love to give it some sounds, unfortunately I just made the game with the spare of my spare time, in a few of 10 minutes spans.

Not only the rhymes aspect, but the whole writing structure is greatly done.  As the writing is the main thing here and it's so good, the simple style and the errors didn't make me enjoy it any less. Congratulations!

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Thank you! As they don't interact with each other, it was kind of a design challenge figuring out how to connect these two things. Next time I will try to have one affecting the other one, but that will be more of a technological challenge for me.

I'm so glad the minimal narrative seems to work, because it's a style that I admire, and also because I probably wouldn't be able to write a whole thing with introduction, development and such hahaha

Thanks! It's kinda a new avatar type for bitsy, I believe hahaha Hope to see it in another game eventually. It's funny how I couldn't make him walk cycle in a direction or something because it should be able to walk in both given the house disposition, so I made it flip, and it works with the wandering thing.

Thanks! Being so short, the house plays a considerably important part in it hahaha I did choose lower case to give it that thought sensation, and it's interesting now to realize that it is a aesthetic decision that does work with the original intention

thanks, the scenery is definitely where most of the work gone hahaha and well observed, the avatar was actually from an action-oriented game I was considering some time ago, he had a gun and everything