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Liked it

Liked the usage of the theme. Fun game, good art and well designed controls

Very good game. Played through all the levels. It was a bit too short but overall good game.

Very good game. Liked the art, sounds and overall good game

There's a truck driving sound in the background. I probably made it a tad too quiet


Thanks for the review!

I tried that. Maybe I used the wasd

Played the game again. My score is 2.6k come check out my game if you can

I don't remember. I guess I should play again

Vey good!

small bug I found:

When time runs out the timer will continue to decrease reaching negative amount

astounding graphics. Didn't like the fact that you can't walk backwards (found that the hard way...), good music and a general good use of the theme!

Decent, had to think before doing them. The music was quite loud. Besides that, I liked it very much! 

For 3 weeks of game development. Its really good. Liked the mechanic and how you used the theme

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