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If it's the browser terminal you should be good but if you plan on making your own in the browser that's okay too.

Help Penguin recollect their stolen treasure from the big bad Wolf in this fast paced and difficult arcade game inspired by Pacman.

Features hi-score system, 10 unique levels, fun point multiplier.

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Super fun to play! I love how well you captured the sixth generation of game console's 3D art style and sound. You should be super proud of what you've made!

If anyone is a fan of the art style or of card battling games you should give this one a try!

Dual Screen Jam 8 community · Created a new topic Ideas?

What is everyone thinking of making for the jam?

Starts tomorrow! :)

Loved they raycasting and the angry moon. Really fun to play! Loved how the music made things feel hectic. :)

Super fun game! :) I really liked controlling Ping with Pong. It was a fun use of the second screen. I loved the little puzzles. They were fun to beat with the controls. Amazing job!

Yep it's just a free-for-all this weekend :)

A 3 day Jam where you create a game that uses two screens/viewports like how developers made games on the DS, 3DS, Wii U, etc. It's a very fun jam because of you get to experiment with the two screens.

It's up!

It's up!

Oh my... It has been a 100 days (☉_☉)
 I'm going to find some time today and get the next one set up.


No need to wait until next year! I'm planning on hosting one soon.

The theme is :

Ice Palace

Interpret this how you'd like.

How many levels did you reach?

Finally got one up:

Sorry for the wait

Got a discord server up!

I'll look into getting something set up :)

Cardboard - interpret this however you'd like

Also feel free to share the jam with your friends:

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Dual Screen Jam 5 is finally up!

Really enjoyed the game! The intro was cool and fun/funny and the idea of a rhythm game that you play to get back to where you came from is awesome! The test one was fun and it'd be cool to see more! Also I got a max combo of 3... so my skills are bad XD

Really fun game! How you incorporated the DS's two screens into the gameplay and theme was amazing! Also the animations were cute and fun to watch.

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Typically no one submits unfortunately but I'm hoping as I keep hosting them more people will keep joining. Also your game is super fun!

Hi Dexel! I extended the deadline to today if you still feel like submitting. :)

The Theme for the 4th Dual Screen jam is Underwater.

Interpret this however you'd like!

Also please share the jam with your friends:

Just needs to be in the style of a 3DS game :)

Up to interpretation. :)

The theme is GOLDEN!

How are you guys planning on incorporating it?

I'm thinking of using a gold color palette.

Got the next one up if you're interested! 
Hope you have an awesome day!

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What is the Dual Screen Jam?

This is the 3rd beginner friendly jam focusing on creating games that look and play like DS and 3DS games. If you love the DS and/or the 3DS then this is the jam for you!

Why Join?

Because you love the DS and 3DS and want to have fun making games in that style.


See you there! And share the link with your friends!

Hope you have an awesome day!

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Thank you for checking the jam out!

I'm planning on hosting them every week (same time) so feel free to join whenever you're available. I'm hoping that at some point the DS/3DS styles become popular similar to the N64/PS1 styles (hence hosting this jam).

A homebrew DS game would be really cool! I recommend checking out LibNDS

The theme for this jam is Spring!!!

Know of any good reosurces for making 3DS/DS style games? Post them here! Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Dual-Screen Jam
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Dual-Screen Jam

A monthly jam focusing on creating games that use 2 screens.

Do you miss playing games on those old dual screen handheld consoles (DS, 3DS, Game and Watch). Or wish that you had a chance to make games on those systems? Well wish no longer!

Why Join?

If you love the DS, 3DS, or the dual-screen Game & Watch games this is the jam for you! You'll have a weekend to make a game that uses two screens just like the aforementioned consoles. There's no ranking to so their is a focus on fun. Join here:




  • Submissions must use 2 screens similar to handheld consoles with two screens
  • Entries that are not SFW (safe for work) must be marked as so
  • Entries should incorporate the theme


  • Does my game have to run on hardware or in an emulator?
    • Nope! Kudos if you do though.
  • Does my game have to use 2 physical screens?
    • While that would be cool (feel free to do so) it's recommended that you simulate 2 screens on one similar to how emulators do it.
  • If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Most Importantly!

Have fun!

Really fun! Love the scoreboard! You did a really good job!

Really love the look and the story! Short but impactful!

Awesome job! Difficult but fun!