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Sorry, I'm trying to make tools for a living, not all my work is free and open source.

No plans to open source this software. Why do you need it? I could provide the sources per client contract if required.

I'm afraid this software is closed  source. Why do you need it?

I'm afraid I have no idea why it doesn't work for you. Fortunately, rFXGen is an open-source project, you can try to compile the code yourself and check for the issue with a debugger. A preconfigured Visual Studio 2022 solution as well as a plain Makefile are provided.

I reviewed rFXGen and I couldn't find any issue. I was able to save/load .rfx files with no problem, as well as export .wav in different wave formats. I tested it on Windows 10. Where did you tried to save the files? Maybe it's a permissions issue.

I reviewed rFXGen and I couldn't find any issue. I was able to save/load .rfx files with no problem, as well as export .wav in different wave formats. I tested it on Windows 10. Where did you tried to save the files? Maybe it's a permissions issue.

It's on my list for review!

It should work... but I'll review that.

Thank you very much Zed! Glad you like it! :D

Nope, unfortunately I never had a mac to learn how it works and create software for it...

It's listed as a soft constraint, not mandatory, just a recommendation for mobile players.

This tool is a C programming library, there is no visual interface, just coding in a text editor, it's recommended that you have some previous C language knowledge to use it.

Tile maps is up to the user, raylib is a low level library, it supports textures drawing and also drawing a part of a texture, it could be used to draw tilemaps.

I preferred to keep a safe-zone just in case so I decided to limit it to 900px.

900px is the maximum allowed size to better fit on the webpage when published.

Thanks for reporting. Please, could you open an issue on rfxgen github project for review?

Thank you very much! Glad you like it! 😄

Oh, nice! raylib usually improves from version to version.

Pleease, could you open an issue on raylib github repo for review?


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I don't know where could be the problem. Did you had a previous raylib version installed? I recommend you remove previous raylib version and try installing it again. Idouble verified the TCC installer and it is raylib 4.0, it installs the library and it compiles the examples as expected with raylib 4.0. You can also join raylib Discord and ask there, in case anyone has found a similar issue.

I verified the file and it's actually raylib 4.0, how did you notice it was raylib 2.0-dev?

You can check raylib Wiki for instructions: 

You can also join raylib Discord for some help, there is a specific channel (raylib-setup) for problems with setup configurations.

Yes, that's the plan, current raylib 4.0 should be a long-term version. The breaking changes from previous raylib API were not that much, most functions redesigns are usually internal and the user API is kept the same. In any case, if you plan to build a course you can target this version.

Hi! After 8 years of development, here it is a new version of raylib:!

raylib is a simple and easy-to-use C library to enjoy videogames/tools/graphics/demos programming. 

raylib Windows Installer comes with all required tools preconfigured to start coding your games in seconds! This time it comes in 3 different flavours depending on the desired compiler: MinGW (gcc), TCC, Zig (clang).

New raylib version includes lots of improvements and features, just check DevLog for details.

Hope you enjoy new raylib 4.0! Happy coding! :)

raylib is a thin layer over OpenGL, it should be quite performant but I recommend profiling it first to see if it fits your needs.

I'm publishing a new version soon, I'll try to provide a Linux version by then.

Hola, pues la mejor solucion es que uses directamente el instalador que te preconfigura un entorno con Notepad++ y MinGW, justamente esta pensado para evitar este tipo de problemas configurando otros entornos. Respecto zinjai, no lo conozco, tendria que aprender como funciona y no tengo tiempo para ponerme con ello.

Pues asi a primera vista no lo se... Para este tipo de consultas te recomiendo que entres al Discord de raylib.

Tienes que usar un compilador de C++. Yo te recomiendo utilizar Visual Studio.

Hi Fakeley! Glad you like raylib! :D

About rlgl, it's an abstraction layer over several OpenGL versions, actually, it tries to implement an pseudo-OpenGL 1.1 immediate mode over other OpenGL versions (2.1, 3.3, ES 2.0). rlgl initializes a set of vertex buffers to accumulate vertex on every rlVertex*() call, once there is an internal state change request (texture change, shader change...), buffers are flushed, launching all registered draw calls, and the process starts again.

Yes, by default it's limited to one window but I think there is some closed GitHub Issue with sample code to support multiple windows.

Oh, do you mean rFXGen?

Sorry, what do you mean? I don't know what is RFXR...

Thank you very much! Glad you like raylib! A lot of work has been put on it! :D

You can use Tiled TMX format:

It was changed for upcoming raylib 3.7, you can just use MAP_DIFFUSE.

I think you can use: SetTraceLogLevel(LOG_NONE)

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Not yet, but it's on my roadmap. Probably in a future version.

El objetivo de estas funciones es dibujar sobre una imagen, el sistema de visionado depende del usuario, raylib no tiene esa funcionalidad. Este ejemplo utiliza estas funciones:

Si esperas activar render por software y que se haga un blit automatico a una window, esa funcionalidad no esta en raylib ni creo que se añada.