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You can use Tiled TMX format:

It was changed for upcoming raylib 3.7, you can just use MAP_DIFFUSE.

I think you can use: SetTraceLogLevel(LOG_NONE)

Not yet! But it's on my roadmap! I've been following the format for long time...

El objetivo de estas funciones es dibujar sobre una imagen, el sistema de visionado depende del usuario, raylib no tiene esa funcionalidad. Este ejemplo utiliza estas funciones:

Si esperas activar render por software y que se haga un blit automatico a una window, esa funcionalidad no esta en raylib ni creo que se añada.

Solo usa funciones ImageDraw*() en vez de las otras.

En realidad el soporte de render por software ya esta disponible, solo para 2d, usando las funciones `ImageDraw*()` para dibujar sobre imagenes. De momento esta asi. Sobre los tutoriales, me gustaria hacerlo pero prefiero invertir mi tiempo libre en otras cosas.

raylib already works with C++ but you can also use raylib-cpp.

I don't know any tutorial but probably a good start could be checking raylib core_2d_camera_platformer example

Hi! I'm afraid that comment was wrong, I already reviewed it. The function to use is rlSetBlendMode(), that is not exposed by raylib but internal to rlgl, you can use it just including rlgl.h.

After 9 months of hard work, here it is a new version of raylib:!

raylib is a simple and easy-to-use C library to enjoy videogames/tools/graphics/demos programming. 

raylib Windows Installer comes with all required tools preconfigured to start coding your games in seconds!

New raylib version includes lots of improvements and features, just check DevLog for details.

Hope you enjoy new raylib 3.5! Happy Holidays! :)

raylib soporta OpenGL 1.1, si tu ordenador es posterior a 1992, raylib deberia funcionar pero debes recompilar la libreria:

Añadir soporte para Direct3D no esta planeado pero la opcion de software rendering esta en proceso (solo para 2d).

you can use provided project in raylib/projects/VS2017, it should work ok with VS2019

raylib Wiki has several IDE configuration guides: Unfortunately not for CLion... feel free to add it.

You can check raylib Wiki:

Actually, best place is raylib Discord, there is a big community that can help.

Hi btrap! I answered in the reddit post! 😄

you probably need to use string.c_str()

I recommend you ask on raylib Discord forum, it's easier to track the issue than here.


You can download the release version of the library for most platform from raylib GitHub release page:

It's a bit difficult to know your specific issue, try asking in raylib Discord forum, there is a lot of friendly people that could help tracking the issue.

It seems you are not linking with libraylib.a, was the library successfully compiled and libraylib.a generated in raylib/src directory?

on the desktop version, there is a Screen Scale x2 button

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on the desktop version, there is a Screen Scale x2 button

I'm afraid it's not possible at this moment. You can just grab raylib from github: or install to a computer with C: drive and copy [raylib] directory (it's portable) to yours.

Here you have some ready-to-use projects. Also, raylib Wiki contains instructions for setting up raylib with multiple platforms/IDEs.

Does it compile correctly? It could be related to the GPU, are you using an old computer?

Just packaged the installer again and re-uploaded to avoid that false positive...

Hi! Glad you like raylib!

A1-A2: raylib uses by default OpenGL 3.3 on desktop platforms, it can be recompiled to OpenGL 2.1 or even OpenGL 1.1 for older platforms (+20 years old platforms). raylib does not support OpenGL 4+ specific features but if you need some of them, you should implement them.

Just downloaded and scanned with Window Defender, no threats found. It could be a false positive from the Antivirus... in any case, you can download source code from github directly and compile raylib yourself:

that's a compile script in Notepad++, when you press F6, look at the bottom-left dropdown box to select compilation script

check raylib_source_compile script on Notepad++, line 4

In raylib 3.0 auxiliar libraries are not copied in compiler include path. If you need some auxiliar library just copy them from raylib/src to your user code path. All the used libraries are single-file header-only.

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Default font does not include cyrillic characters but you can load your own font with cyrillic characters. About the name, it's custom but it's similar to Grixel Acme 7 font.


this issue is related to missing WinMM library on early Win7 versions, to avoid that library you should recompile raylib with busy wait loop enabled, check raylib/src/config.h. you can ask on raylib Discord for more detailed explanation if required...

Thanks for you comment! Hope you enjoy this new version! :)

Hi! Provided compilers are 32bit for more portability but you can compile raylib to 64bit if you want, you just need a 64bit compiler.

rFXGen was compiled for a newer libc version...

raylib is just a videogames coding library with some code examples to test.