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I'm afraid there is not much it can be done in that regards. raylib uses stb_truetype for font rasterization. Afaik, it does not support better font rasterization options like ClearType hinting.

It requires OpenGL 3.3 support to run... but it can also be locked by an antivirus.

Nice! Glad it finally worked! Hope you enjoy raylib! 😄

That error is related to linking with raylib shared library and not found by executable, I recommend linking with raylib static library.

That seems related to math library, are you linking with some math library? 

Hi! Afaik, it should work ok on other computers with same OS and system libraries installed. 

If some external resources are required they should be provided along the executable.

It could also be a permissions issue.

Thanks! Glad you like it! :D

And thanks for sharing the template!


Yeah! Module files (.xm, .mod) are amazing! One of the best features added to raylib audio! :D 

Hi Jack-Ji! Thanks! No plans to add image creation capabilities like pixel-art for the moment, in any case additional editing capabilities, like shaders editing. Maybe a separate tool but unfortunately my resources are very limited.

This tool is intended for pixel-perfect raygui designs so scaling was not exposed but it could probably be added. 

About resolution, what do you mean? Independently of the scaling the resolution of the created layout is always the same...

Implementing such a system is not trivial, it requires some work, many considerations and probably some limitations. For the moment it's out of scope but if I got more resources (time, money) I could consider working on it.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it! :D

Installer does not allow to change the directory, it contains multiple compilation scripts preconfigured and choosing another path would require reconfiguring all those scripts. In any case, the installation is self-contained, experienced users can just move C:/raylib to any other directory if required compilation scripts are setup properly.

thanks! glad you like it! 🙂

Actually, there is a toggle button in the main toolbar just for that...

Nice! Glad to know it worked! :D

Just reviewed this issue. 

All the tools are build on GitHub servers using the provided Linux host runner, that use by default Ubuntu 22.04, I tried rebuilding it with Ubuntu 20.04 alternative host. 

I'm uploading a new file but please note that this new version is a development version with some improvements and new features for the tools and not much tested. 

Please, let me know if it works for you! :) 

I'm afraid there is no such option at this moment, pivot-point setup is manual for required sprites... but I take note for a future version!

raylib is a C programming library to code games using a code editor. It does not include a visual tool like Godot, Unity or Unreal.

I'm afraid this is not possible at the moment. I'm a solo developer and my resources are very limited. I can't implement a macOS build system and test everything properly, it would imply considerable amount of work. I neither have a mac and never used one so it would require some investigation...

But, afaik, raylib works on macOS without problems so if anyone is willing to help on that regards, it will be really appreciated. All my tools use a similar build system, based on GitHub Actions and some of the tools are open source. If anyone feels brave enough to implement a macOS build action, that would be great! Here there are some sample workflows, they could be used for reference to implement a macOS equivalent:

Still, it would require testing...

No, but you can build it yourself:

You can check raylib Wiki for details: but I also recommend joining raylib Discord and ask the community if you have any problem with the configuration.

I think so but I haven't tested it.

Nice! Feel free to share your creation on raylib Discord community, there is a #madewithraylib channel for that. Also, you can share your creations in raylib GitHub Discussion:

Hi! Nice application! You can use LoadImageFromScreen() to get screen data as an Image and LoadTextureFromImage() to get a Texture2D to draw on screen again but this can be very slow...

Actually, I considered that option but I decided to keep that image-editing functionality separate from the packaging functionality. You can use rTexViewer to edit the pixel-format of your exported atlas.

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Thanks! Glad you like it! You can scale UI 200% with the keyboard shortcut: LCTRL+F

Thank you very much! Glad you like it! I put a lot of work and lot of care to this project! I love to see it is appreciated! Thanks! 🙂

yes, that's allowed. Actually, I plan to release a small template with that functionality already implemented.

The web version can be used for free but the desktop versions require a donation of $20 or more.

Thank you very much! Glad you like it! 😄

Not for the moment but I take note about it, I can add it in a future but unfortunately not for next release.

What do you mean? There is a clean button on the sprites list to remove all sprites from the atlas.

Actually most of the functionality of this tool is directly available in raylib. You can use raylib.

Thanks! Glad you like it! 😄

Hope you enjoy it! :D

Latest raylib installs w64devkit that includes an updated version of MinGW built with the latest tools. You can find it on GitHub.

Thanks! Glad you like it! 👍😄