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raylib technologies

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Probably not, macOS way to install packages works different than Windows, I don’t know exactly what it should generate and how it would run on macOS.

But if it was technically feasible, the tool can be compiled for macOS without problem.

There is a low chance, this tool is designed to be completely offline with no online features to avoid malicious installers creation.

Sorry, I’m afraid that functionality is not available in this version.

Not at this moment but I take note for a future version.

Thank you very much! Glad you like it!

It would be nice, unfortunately I don’t have the resources to make it possible…

Thanks! Glad you like it! :D

Maybe in a future but now my resources are very limited to keep improving this tool. I prefer to keep it closed source, it took me thousands of hours of development and I’m trying to monetize a bit all that work.

thanks! :D

I depends on the type of files and the compression selected but it could happen. rrespacker processes the input files to extract only required data, i.e that implied decompressing images to extract pixel data. If you choose the embedding as RAW option, size should be approximately the same as input files.

I’m afraid it does not. I recommend using nbnet library for that task.

It’s been on my TODO list for long time but my resources are limited and creating that kind of content requires lot of time that I usually invest in solving bugs and improving the library.

Thank you very much! Glad you like it! :)

Hi! The provided .png must match any of the platform supported sizes and the provided .ico must include png images (instead of bmp images). Those could be some reasons for not loading them. In any case, this tool is open source, code could be checked and debugged to see if that’s the issue with the provided files.

Yes, it’s a known issue and has already been reviewed. An updated version will be published soon.

That’s a false positive but in case of doubt you can check the source code. rFXGen is open source.

Thank you very much! Actually I’m already open-sourcing some of my tools to allow other users to review/test/compile them for other platforms. Technically they should compile for Windows, Linux, macOS, RPI, FreeBSD and other OSs with no problem but it requires some testing. Maybe in the future I will also open source this one. Glad you like raylib! Hope you enjoy it! :)

I’m afraid it’s not possible because I don’t have a mac to build and test the program properly. Unfortunately my resources are very limited… :(