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I got 04.26s

Don't be a cunt, punt that bunt! 


A thrilling simulator of what its like to play a support for an overly ambitious dungeon group! Don't let your nerves of steel be fettered by the dangerous actions of your teammates.... You're here for one reason and one reason only: to heal your friends both physically and emotionally. Good Luck!

Originally part of the Global Game Jam 2020, I came to realize I never uploaded it to my profile here on itch! So in a blast from the not-so-distant past, please enjoy this suffering! 

I really enjoyed working on this project with my team and coming back to it years later has only made me enjoy it more. The dialogue system we created was so silly and the characters' dialogue just feels too real to the actual experience. The try-hard edgelord rogue, the stout in-character role-playing paladin, the better-than-you veteran mage, the UwU meme-poster warrior, and last but not least you, the fill-in cleric just trying their best. 

Play it here:

Thanks! What did you like about it?

Awesome! Thanks!

So it seemed the sprite WERE there in the files, but for some reason they just didn't import. 

So I re-added them to the project with the same name. All seem to work, except for the border. I added them with default settings and top-left origin point. I'm not sure why its doing this compared to the application demo, it works fine there. 

I'll see if I can import them from git. I forget an error occurred when importing, here's the screenshot 

I opened the demo project in GMS2 IDE v2.3.3.574 (runtime v2.3.3.437) and the project file did not include the sprites needed to run the project. 

I can run the application demo just fine, but I'd love to know the dimensions / image ratios / details of the sprites and what sprites it uses so I can properly implement it quickly


Thanks a bunch! super cool effect. Going to use it in my project, Captain Soda! I will credit you in it.

Man, the sexual humor is great XD Really frustrating but equally rewarding

Awesome game!!! Big fire elemental GF is the best grill

I like the concept for this game. I've never played a pachinko-styled game, and I think this has a lot of potential for something amazing. 

I think this would be a great mobile game, something to just relax with in bed. Music is nice, I like it, it didn't loop though, so it stopped after a while, then resumed after I completed the apple level.

I would have loved for some different level layouts to make levels more interesting, maybe like pegs in the shape of a tree, or upside down tree, or other obstacles in the level that the faces follow to make me guess where they are going to end up. The different shapes for the pegs was interesting and fun, but doesn't change too much on a per-level basis, the smiles still travel in the same directions. The level with the squirrels, birds and dolphins in the third area is good, exactly what I wanted. I loved the space level! the starts lighting up surprised me. I would have loved for some levels like these to appear in the earlier areas to have some variety. 

When the eyes appeared, that was a fun and surprising moment. Guessing what it is they are looking at, and seeing a gold smile drop down but then miss it was really engaging. Definitely the kind of thing I was hoping for to change things up. 

I didn't realize you could click on the smiles to get bonus points, I only figured that out after two got stuck on some pegs and I clicked them hoping they got free, and they did! Smart design! It also makes for some interesting min-max gameplay, trying to click on them as they fall to get a lot of points. (funny thing, you still get points if the game is paused and you click on them XD)

Sometimes the smiles go much further outside the range that I can catch them, the basket wont go to the edge of the screen, that part I don't like a lot. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. It was really surprising and fun, and definitely refreshing as Smol Beans says, this is a kind of fun that I never expected or had before.