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Tbh, i completely forgot all about this game.

Probably one of the F buttons on the top of your keyboard.
At least from what I can remember.
Also no, not Alt + F4. I'm not being funny today X

Ditto, thats the sole reason I got the Demo Disk
At least I know that i'm not the only one with this issue, hopefully they patch it soo

I just finished it. Despite the lack of music, i greatly appreciated it. I couldn't help but relate to the Husk VERY HARD, and finishing his side quest made me tear up. i greatly appreciated that, thank you.

All in all, great game! :D

I just "beat" the game??? tbh i'm not sure if i did beat it or if i'm missing something in the very end with the glitched room.  Can't help but feel like i am missing something

Regardless, this game is really fascinating, I loved every second of it! You guys (assuming you had/are a team that made this) did a fantastic job with it! :D

So sorry for the long response ^^;

My OS is 64x and my GPU according to what I can find (I'm not tech savvy unfortunately ;w;) is an Intel(R) HD Graphics 520. And just in case i got mixed up, my processor  is an Intel(R) Core(TM) 13-6100U

My graphics glitching put could be a result of a faulty download. I could redownload to see for sure

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I just downloaded this thanks to learning about it on Tumblr. For the brief moment that I've played it, I enjoyed it. However, the latest version of the game is very buggy, namely in the visuals. They tend to vanish, player included, seemingly randomly and it's not a rare occurrence. I experienced this right at the beginning of the game and onward. With some more polish (like maybe a dodge??) and bug fixing, I could play this for hours