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Like the glide slide mechanics. but something is wrong with double jump. overall love the desert.

nice cute game...but many time i got hit by spikes because color is same as ground(was that intentional?). Love the rocket thing. 

like the Art and Environment setting. Animations are smooth and love the AI too. Great job

Like the core concept of game ....

Nice animations and controls. A well thought level design. Atmosphere created by music and color scheme is awesome. You did a great job making this in a weak. Keep it up .Overall Super game.

I am monster too!! I like the sound effects and controls .

Sound and controls are great!

getting over it ..... but a masterpiece..looks amazing

Nice look and animations 

Like the tiles changing and music

Art and controls are solid!! Design of the game is awesome . changing how your weapon fire is cool thing. Great job . i wonder why this game have so less rating.

Nice concept ..puzzle platformer. like the animations


nice sfx on  "jump" !!

nice game!

nice game!!

Love the rhino character.

Like all animation done in the game..overall art is quite good. Controls are awesome.

jump having issue..

nice concept..

really like character..and u got flip right congo!!

Hard to jump spikes.. first jump should be bit higher.

Nice game !

Like the Art specially animations of slime. Controls are very good and responsive. 

Nice but not platformer!

Cool game !! so many annoying things around.

cool game!! cheers

Looks nice but there is bug with jump controls. 

Great music for this type of game. Also i like the jump animation (quite funny) and Art 

Like the blob animation. and  you can transform to human too and fight for some time ...that is awesome!!

Nice art....i like the "aaahhhhhh..." sfx on character die, was dying repeatedly and literally ROFL.

For me the every thing is tooooooo faast that i couldn't control character....

Nice colorful game !!

Cool platformer

nice idea but why left ctrl for jump instead of upkey

i like the core game-play. pick collect-able to expand map. level was not that much challenging just took 3 tries to learn jump and move controls , was quite nicely setup according to game. love the idea.

Good game!!

I like the animation of all the characters specially that enemy who throw something...It was nice experience playing the game.