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I'm in the same bat as reallynotnick in terms of not getting the notification until after the sale was over, but have a different question - if we bought the game on Catalog on the itself, I assume that's always the latest version and will get whatever updates get made?

I picked this up on Steam rather than here, but wanted to come here and leave a comment about what a lovely little treat it is. I beat it on my first run, but it was a close one, I ended up crossing the gate with no water in reserve and something like 30% of my health slowly ticking down. The whole thing was tense and fun and unique, and it didn't overstay its welcome. Really nice. Bravo.

+1 to this question. Same situation.

Thanks to the many (excellent and incredible) bundles that many of us have been buying on Itch for years, lots of us have game collections here in the hundreds of games, or more.

As many folks have pointed out, based on some google searching, that makes it incredibly difficult to actually get a clear picture of what we have, if we don't already know or have forgotten.

The tag system is pretty good! It makes it pretty functional to go find a bunch of games matching a criteria. But then I can't actually see which of them I own, without clicking in to each individual store listing. And I can't use those tags to filter down my own library, so there, too, the only way to find what I own is to already know, or peck blindly.

Help? Please?

Loved it. Very solid goof. Bravo.

E-mail sent! Thanks!

I guess now I do have another question, but only because I just bought a physical book pre-order. ;) When do the PDFs included in that get delivered, and how?

Understood. Thanks for the reply!

This is gonna sound kinda stingy, and I don't mean it as such, I just want to know what the options are ahead of time - I know the physical copies on the website come with the PDF included. If a person buys the PDF, will that at all offset the cost of a physical copy later, if they choose to buy one?

This game rules! Also got here via RPS. Well done! Absolutely loved this.