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This is gonna sound kinda stingy, and I don't mean it as such, I just want to know what the options are ahead of time - I know the physical copies on the website come with the PDF included. If a person buys the PDF, will that at all offset the cost of a physical copy later, if they choose to buy one?


Hi! Unfortunately buying a PDF copy now does not offset the price of a physical copy later, unfortunately those are disconnected sales and I can't offer a discount later. 


Understood. Thanks for the reply!


I guess now I do have another question, but only because I just bought a physical book pre-order. ;) When do the PDFs included in that get delivered, and how?


The PDF will be delivered with a download code alongside the physical book, but if you email us at we can email you a download key sooner! (I'm sorry that's so clunky, the technology is ... frustrating, on the backend)


E-mail sent! Thanks!