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Anyone can perform a ritual when its a dramatically appropriate moment, but the Crafter can call it into being as a strong move. Imagine another game where anyone can go to the bar, but the Barfly has the strong move "let's all go to the bar" — it's a call to action.

Hi! The digital version is available via One More Multiverse at, which includes both the PDF and an accompanying VTT.

Yes! There's plenty of two-player chapters

Everyone can join as long as one person has access!

We'll be implementing bookmarks in a month or so — we had to make some calls about what PDF features would make it into the day 1 release. I agree, it'll be easier to navigate once they're there!

Wow, I... that's bonkers! I'm not sure you played it "right" either, but if you had fun (and it sounds like you have been) then you're doing it plenty right. 

Hi! I recommend the lindworm player tapping on their mic — it sounds creepy and conveys done-ness. Just make sure your noise filter doesn't goop the knocking noise!

No, it's belonging outside belonging — a spiritual descendent of PbtA that uses no dice and has an optional MC/GM role.

Yep! Those are leftovers, and that's exactly how it works, if they don't have checklists.

Oh no!! That's embarrassing, thank you so much for the update. It should be fixed now?

The files are okay! I didn't do a second update, but they should be fine now.

Oh no! Thank you for the heads up! we'll have it fixed on Monday.

Yes! There's a few podcasts where I do exactly that (such as on Party Of One)

its a huge honor for this to be the first adventure someones made for one of my games, and its so outstanding!!! innovative mechanics, good framing, and the perfect intro to monstytime

I'm so sorry that happened! If you got a physical copy and you still have the receipt, you can send that to and we can send you a PDF copy.

Hi, yes it is! I cannot confirm every single chapter is 2-player friendly but I know a lot of people (including myself) have played many of the chapters duo and had a lot of fun. I think many of the points brought up in the FAQ about solo play might also apply here, although I think the game is even more friendly to duo play. I think if you do encounter one of the rare 3+ chapters, or if feel like a chapter plays weird when it’s only 2 players, the game is super easy to quickly alter on the fly to accomodate. Does that help?

Hi! So the base mechanics vary from chapter to chapter, so I'm not sure which token system you mean — could you point towards the specific moods or chapters are are confusing you? Otherwise, each chapter should be self-explanatory for the rules within that chapter.

Yes, you will be!

Sorta! The short answer is that there's no solo play support in the book, but there is advice on journaling-as-play and writing fanfiction about the game. Because this is a TTRPG that's also designed to be engaged with as a book, "reading the game" and "imagining what the characters are doing" and "writing stories about the characters" is fundamentally solo play! So if you like to engage with TTRPGs on your own, there will be a lot here for you.

That contains a black and white version and an insectophobe version, for people who dont want color or bugs!

Don't worry, but don't forget that game rules exist to be modified. Even in this game, you're going to have to make a decision about how diagonals work! I hope you and your Finnish friends enjoy.

Umm, yeah, that's fine! It's a convention for English speakers but localize it however you need to.

Hi, I'm so glad Wanderhome resonates with you! So if I was playing a game where I was mainly avoiding sprawling natures, my approach would be to generally not select them unless a picklist prompted me to, and then once selected interpret them through a metaphorical lens. Like, what is a forge metaphorically about? Is there a space for a place that contains many people coming together and intermingling, even if it's not a literal metropolis? Another approach might be to draw more heavily on 3rd party natures or those in the stretch goals PDF, all of which can be found here — maybe if there's no equivalent to a metropolis, you could pull in a beach, fallen star, or shade.

No matter what, I hope your wandering goes well!


I don't think we'll be opening more over the holidays, simply because we've already given away a thousand copies and I would like to space out giveaways periodically. 

Hi! To answer your questions to the best of my ability:

  • There is no specific rules about selecting natures — you can roll randomly or pick, or something else.
  • A place is a unified location tied together thematically by the natures selected. So for example, an Island Workshop Glen might be a Greek-inspired cliff-covered isle (the island) overflowing with vibrant life due to island biodiversity (a metaphorical glen) and inhabited by an order of weaver-nuns (the workshop). Or maybe it's a village built around an artistic workshop deep in the woods and surrounded by rare butterflies, that is cut off from the rest of civilization. Or something else! 
  • There should be 6 lines. I don't know why there are only 4. 

You're welcome to buy a hardcover or paperback copy from our storefront, or ask me to add another community copy, but there's no systemized way to add additional community copies to the pool.

It took ages but I finally got that set up! Here's the link:

Unfortunately we can't make it work like that, since it would require manual monitoring and I'm too busy to keep an eye on that :( If you want to show appreciation, please feel free to leave a rating and review, or recommend us to your local library!

Actually, because of this post I added another 72 community copies!

1. You can get a sense of how the system is through APs and podcasts — my personal favorite is the oneshot episodes with Brennan Lee Mulligan. If you know a friend (or website 🤫) with the PDF, you can borrow it! I will say, the system is very rules-lite, so that might potentially help.

2. The community copies pool is closed right now, but I'll open it up again soon! We tend to open it on special occasions.

That's amazing! There's no wrong way to play as long as everyone's having fun — and it looks like they had a blast. I love her bugs!

The Demo is just where we're storing the character sheets for access. We're going to replace it with a quick start soon! 

Weird! Email us at and we'll give you a code.

Hi! I'm afraid that the stretch goal materials are only available for Kickstarter backers, or people who pay for the PDF. The Wanderhome core PDF should be available through your FLGS, and if it's not, please email us at for a code!

Hi, I want to! I've been ... so , so busy lately , but it's on my to-do list.

It's a fun mistake , but still unfortunately a mistake. A cool space for someone else to play around in, though!

Thank you for pointing that out! Because these were stretch goals, they weren't edited as vigorously and we kept a few authorial idiosyncrasies. 

Hi! This means you can combine your character with another playbook, taking as much as you want from that playbook (lists, questions, "always do" moves, etc.) and bringing them onto yours.

Hi, please take a look at the community copies section! This is why we offer community copies for folks who can't afford the PDF.