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I don't think we'll be opening more over the holidays, simply because we've already given away a thousand copies and I would like to space out giveaways periodically. 

Hi! To answer your questions to the best of my ability:

  • There is no specific rules about selecting natures — you can roll randomly or pick, or something else.
  • A place is a unified location tied together thematically by the natures selected. So for example, an Island Workshop Glen might be a Greek-inspired cliff-covered isle (the island) overflowing with vibrant life due to island biodiversity (a metaphorical glen) and inhabited by an order of weaver-nuns (the workshop). Or maybe it's a village built around an artistic workshop deep in the woods and surrounded by rare butterflies, that is cut off from the rest of civilization. Or something else! 
  • There should be 6 lines. I don't know why there are only 4. 

You're welcome to buy a hardcover or paperback copy from our storefront, or ask me to add another community copy, but there's no systemized way to add additional community copies to the pool.

It took ages but I finally got that set up! Here's the link:

Unfortunately we can't make it work like that, since it would require manual monitoring and I'm too busy to keep an eye on that :( If you want to show appreciation, please feel free to leave a rating and review, or recommend us to your local library!

Actually, because of this post I added another 72 community copies!

1. You can get a sense of how the system is through APs and podcasts — my personal favorite is the oneshot episodes with Brennan Lee Mulligan. If you know a friend (or website 🤫) with the PDF, you can borrow it! I will say, the system is very rules-lite, so that might potentially help.

2. The community copies pool is closed right now, but I'll open it up again soon! We tend to open it on special occasions.

That's amazing! There's no wrong way to play as long as everyone's having fun — and it looks like they had a blast. I love her bugs!

The Demo is just where we're storing the character sheets for access. We're going to replace it with a quick start soon! 

Weird! Email us at and we'll give you a code.

Hi! I'm afraid that the stretch goal materials are only available for Kickstarter backers, or people who pay for the PDF. The Wanderhome core PDF should be available through your FLGS, and if it's not, please email us at for a code!

Hi, I want to! I've been ... so , so busy lately , but it's on my to-do list.

It's a fun mistake , but still unfortunately a mistake. A cool space for someone else to play around in, though!

Thank you for pointing that out! Because these were stretch goals, they weren't edited as vigorously and we kept a few authorial idiosyncrasies. 

Hi! This means you can combine your character with another playbook, taking as much as you want from that playbook (lists, questions, "always do" moves, etc.) and bringing them onto yours.

Hi, please take a look at the community copies section! This is why we offer community copies for folks who can't afford the PDF.

Hi! Please see the errata in the description. We Will be fixing this as soon as we can.

We are selling physical books at the linked site here! You can also buy physical copies at Indie Press Revolution or your local game store

Hell yea! I tried to keep that element of Frigg to Freya, but also it wouldn't be hard to develop an independent version of Frigg as a statblock for your own play. 

Hi, that's a great question. Yes I have! Some scholars have argued that's a viable merger (or that Freya & Od are a historical version of Frigga & Odin that got substituted into the pantheon twice / translated oddly) and like ... I had to make certain calls about my interpretation of Norse Myth and occasionally that meant collapsing gods together or slightly shifting interpretations of gods. It ... should all be supported by the O.G texts, or you could perhaps imagine how two 15 year olds playing pretend on the beach would have conflated them this way? I hope that helps!

hi! unfortunately the playkit is discontinued — we aren't updating it and we don't currently have plans to make a new one. it's a little bit of history from the kickstarter that, while cool, we're focusing on making the core game as accessible as possible (which is to say, the actual PDF is dyslexia and screenreader-friendly!)

Hi! We have a third-party license for creating content with Wanderhome, more information available on our website. There are no plans to release the text of the game under a creative commons license at this time, although if you're interested in making stuff for the game, this should help you out!


No worries at all! I'm gonna try to answer stuff to the best of my ability:

  1. Setting Elements are picked up by anyone and are like .... little fragments of the GM? Like imagine if you could put on the GM hat but only for one part of the setting.
  2. Rituals can be done whenever, and basically change the rules of the game for the duration they're going on. It's like shifting to a montage or something, and you go around and each person does one of the ritual moves, until you want the ritual to end.
  3. The corkboard is a big map of what's going on in the game. It connects people and places together. At the start it doesn't matter much but towards the end of the game (if you're playing a 3 act game) it comes up.
  4. Setting elements can make them whenever they want.

If you have any more questions about what it's like to play Sleepaway, check out this amazing podcast featuring Brennan Lee Mulligan, Molly Ostertag, and Noelle Stevenson (among others): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Hi, Sleepaway was written for shorter campaigns and tends to last around 10 hours total, however 10 episodes of one hour each would be enough to cover all three acts of the game, I think!

Yes there is, although our goal is to get the physical book printed first. We know they're not as up to snuff as they could be!

Can you email us at with a screencap of what's going on and we can see what we can do to sort this out?

Hi, sorry about that! That was part of the update I just rolled out, that accidentally got posted early. 

The very same! I hope you enjoy 🥰

We plan on opening up more community copies soon!

The PDF will be delivered with a download code alongside the physical book, but if you email us at we can email you a download key sooner! (I'm sorry that's so clunky, the technology is ... frustrating, on the backend)

Hi! Unfortunately buying a PDF copy now does not offset the price of a physical copy later, unfortunately those are disconnected sales and I can't offer a discount later. 

We made the choice not to lay them out that way because (and you can notice this if you compare the playkit text to the final text) we had to make a *lot* of cuts in order to fit the playbooks into the form they took in the playkit. If you look under Demo, however, you can see there are blank character sheets that you can fill out!

This is genuinely one of the best comments I've gotten on Wanderhome. Thank you!

That's your call! People tend to go with "Hayth" or "Heeth", but I don't have a preference

Hi! There's a lot of really wonderful Actual Plays available online. My personal preference is for the one with Brennan Lee Mulligan and Joseph Fink, found here:

But also if you go on Youtube and search up "Wanderhome" there's a ton of great actual plays by some amazing content creators. I hope that helps!

i am equal parts incredibly enamored and deeply fascinated by this


Yes! Please reach out at with a link to your review site, and we'll send you the press kit.