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Hadelmia MMORPG by Ravenis (

Yeah. sorry about that, Installer here is quite old, and i'm about to release the alpha this weekend probably.  I'm finishing up few GM commands and then few minor bug fixes. After that I will update Installer here also.
Best way to keep up what is going on, is to join Discord @
Thanks for asking,  i will try to get playable version out today too. 


Hello Community!

I've been working on this  MMORPG called Hadelmia, and it is about to hit an alpha stage soon.

Before that it would be very important to test the server under more stress. Also some general feedback will be nice.

If you are interested, please join Hadelmia Discord, and give me a shout :)

Website and account management, and page 


-Ravenis, Hadelmia Developer

Hello community.

This is my long time project called Hadelmia. It is an old school tile based 2D MMORPG. Here is the features page

It is still on pre-alpha, but already includes wide scale of features. It is fully playable, and at this moment would be great to get little more players online, to see how stable the server is before the actual Alpha release.

You need to make an account first at the Website, here is a direct link to it:
After you have verified an account via email, you can download the client from here site at or official site at
Client is in .zip format, so just make new folder for it, and unzip it there. After that launch HadelmiaClient.exe (Your virus scanner probably will scan it, what is a good thing :) After that you are in login screen, put in you login and password you just created. That's it, make the character and try it out. I hope you like it as much i like to develop it.

Other information: 

Website :
Discord server:

Feel free to contact me via Discord, forums or here. I know an importance of the community around the game. 
I hope every player would report bugs, gives new ideas, and general feedback to make it better.

Here is couple of screenshots:

This is a default interface with nice little sheep in a pen, UI can be customized by moving and resizing all the elements. It is handy option considering difference of screen size between people.

Here is some big guy giving a hard time for a random adventurer.

This is a nice evening at the beach with fishing pole.

And last a screenshot about night, torch and the same sheep still in a pen.

I hope to see you soon!

-Ravenis, Hadelmia Developer