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Hey my play time was 28 minutes! This was really cool. I really enjoyed all the little details that you put into this. The little particle effect for the smoke that comes out of the houses, the expanding black circle screen transition, the lighting effect in the caves, and the palette transition that happens when you move to the west. Everything here is super endearing. Even the music was really well done. The little tune that plays in the house had that Zelda "safe spot" feeling too it.  The only minor frustration that I had was the combat. The hitbox for the sword is pretty small and it made hitting the monsters a little difficult at times. That being said I still found the combat enjoyable, I just died a couple times where I didn't think I should have . I'm surprised that you released this almost 6 months ago and I'm just seeing it now. This is definitely one of the best TIC-80 games that I've seen so far. It's cool that you did it in JS instead of lua, I haven't seen too many carts using JS. Way to go, I'll definitely check out anything else you release!

This looks really cool! I will definitely be checking in now and then to see how it's coming along! How long have you been working on it?

*The browsers I have been using are chrome and firefox

I was wondering if anyone else has major sound clipping/glitching and game slow down in the browser? It happens on my windows machines and it kind of kills playing some games that would otherwise be really fun.  Is this avoidable by optimizing your code or a problem with the browser version of tic80?  The windows computers that I have been working with are an ASUS laptop and then I have a big HP laptop from school. The ASUS is not a super high end but the HP is and they both suffer from similar issues when playing games in the browser.

I recently purchased the pro version of tic-80 and have been reading about bank switching feature. I was wondering if having access to 8 different memory banks allows you to use 8 times the number of assets (sprites, music, etc) to create your game? I'm  Still kind of confused about this feature so if someone could explain it to me I would really appreciate it. It would be awesome to be able to make things with a bit larger scope and I just want to know if this is maybe a possibility through this new feature?