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Games stuttering while playing in the browser?

A topic by rav created Sep 10, 2018 Views: 99 Replies: 2
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I was wondering if anyone else has major sound clipping/glitching and game slow down in the browser? It happens on my windows machines and it kind of kills playing some games that would otherwise be really fun.  Is this avoidable by optimizing your code or a problem with the browser version of tic80?  The windows computers that I have been working with are an ASUS laptop and then I have a big HP laptop from school. The ASUS is not a super high end but the HP is and they both suffer from similar issues when playing games in the browser.

*The browsers I have been using are chrome and firefox

Hey, I have the same problem! I think it's the TIC-80 "engine", because playing the pico 8's version of wolfenstein 3d on the browser an works perfectly, without FPS drops. But I really don't know, just a speculation.