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Hey my play time was 28 minutes! This was really cool. I really enjoyed all the little details that you put into this. The little particle effect for the smoke that comes out of the houses, the expanding black circle screen transition, the lighting effect in the caves, and the palette transition that happens when you move to the west. Everything here is super endearing. Even the music was really well done. The little tune that plays in the house had that Zelda "safe spot" feeling too it.  The only minor frustration that I had was the combat. The hitbox for the sword is pretty small and it made hitting the monsters a little difficult at times. That being said I still found the combat enjoyable, I just died a couple times where I didn't think I should have . I'm surprised that you released this almost 6 months ago and I'm just seeing it now. This is definitely one of the best TIC-80 games that I've seen so far. It's cool that you did it in JS instead of lua, I haven't seen too many carts using JS. Way to go, I'll definitely check out anything else you release!

Hey, thanks for all of your kind words - I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!