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Okay, I uploaded a new build! Let me know when you try it, but I believe it should work

Thanks for the heads-up!

Interesting... It says it's already part of the jam, so I can't generate a token for you. Maybe the game page is somehow still unpublished...?

Jump over to this link to add your game!

That's odd... What version are you using? 

My bluetooth keyboard has worked on android since 0.60, though there was an odd bug where pressing a physical key on the tablet (like the back arrow) would cause the keyboard to stop sending input. You would have to tap back within the window frame (on the code editor or command line, for example) for the keyboard input to start working again.

I'm on 0.70.6 pro now, and just tested on my tablet. Still works, and that bug seems fixed.

Hey, thanks for all of your kind words - I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!

Aha! I've uploaded it there, now :)

And thanks for adding it to the collection!


I really like TIC-80, and made a game 6 months back that I was fairly proud of... Is there a way to request getting it looked at and possibly put in the collection? Or is there some mechanism that I've overlooked? It's never really been clear to me. Thanks!

Cool! Thanks for the comments and playtime. I can definitely appreciate the feeling of it dragging on, and I totally agree that there wasn't a huge incentive to fight the monsters. I sort of ran out of space on the cart and didn't want to spend a bunch of time refactoring, since that wasn't my objective... so certain things (like monster drops and much of a reason for gems at all) kind of fell by the wayside.

I'll definitely look into that save file bug... that sounds like it could be aggravating!

Do any of your keys work when you switch? Or is it only the shortcuts? I have a very similar setup, but am finding that using the back button (on the device) switches to "GUI Mode," which puts me in the code editor or console, but for whatever reason disables all key input except for arrows and the return key. Which is a problem for me since I don't have an escape key...

Anyway, I came on here to ask about that and saw your post. Just not sure if it's the same issue you're experiencing.