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Glad you liked it, thanks for checking the game out! -Rosie

Thank you!! -Rosie

Hi, glad you liked it! The demo version here on Itch is actually outdated and I'm going to update the page to reflect that right now.

This is because the game turned out a little too big for Itch. :') The good news is that the free demo on Steam is updated with features that reflect the full release of the game and even has an additional level. It can be found here if you'd like to check it out!

Thanks again for playing!


Thanks! Out of curiosity, what do we gotta do to earn that last 1/10?

Thanks! If you post this to Twitter please feel free to tag us @/rattusrattusart

Thanks so much for playing, glad you liked it!

Oops, I guess we forgot to put a collider on the grinder haha! Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for the comment. What about the game unsatisfied you? We'd love to learn and improve for our next project!

Thank you for playing! Do you have a Twitter? We'd love to RT your art if you've posted it.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Ethan says thanks, we were so happy to have him on for sound work for that exact reason. A dedicated team member for the job made all the difference in the final quality.

Thanks for playing! Sorry about the crash issue, and good to see that you made it through anyway. :)

It's so nice to hear this, thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing and for this message. It sounds like you've gotten our point, it's about worker exploitation at its core. ;) We're so glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thank you for your kind words! We loved watching your reaction to the game, appreciate your thoughts at the end and we're glad you found the atmosphere of the game enjoyable

Thank you so much for playing our game! We loved your video too, we definitely wanted to go harder with gore but game jam time restraints dictated we reign ourselves in sadly

Thank you for playing! We loved your video, really appreciated you calling out the sick hog haha

Thank you for playing, glad you liked the story!

Thanks so much for playing, we're glad you enjoyed it!

MEAT SHIFT is a short horror game that takes place in the dirty halls of a  slaughterhouse and meat packing facility. It was made for 7 Day FPS 2020

Play it here:

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would love to watch but you've got the video set to private!

EDIT: Nice! thanks for playing the game.