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Hey man try out my submission :)

Thank You. Yeah I didn't fixed that bug fast enough but it's true sometimes it can stuck on straight platform :)

Great devlog man! Really appreciate that!
If You would like to checkout my jam game:)

Hey, check out my submission :)

Nice and fun game with great art. I like it.

Hey, check this out :)

Hey man, check out my submission :)

Hey check this one out :)

Hey don't forget to play my game also :)

Ckeck my production bro :)

Check this out man :)

Here You go guys! Try to speedrun my title ;)

Nice game :) Really well done and fun to play :)

I think it was 1240x720

Nice simple game. Sometimes got stuck like others but it's great that fixes are ready. Nice music tho

Nice looking game :) really hard to focus sometimes on 3 things simultaneously but that's great gameplay :D

I love that style! Game is really polished and good looking. Very very good submission.

Check out this man :)

Hey check out my Tetris platform :)

Sure guys! Check this out :)

Try this one :) How fast can You beat all levels?

Check this out :)

Yeah I'm aware about that colliders stuff now, but as it was done in Jam time I won't change that for review and scoring time ;)

Check this out :)

Kinda interesting controlls approach. 
You've made tetris shooter and I've created tetris platform - let's fight! :D

Nice game. It unfortunately lacks of any good connection between playing and music. Like it would be better if notes will be timed according to beat. And it doesn't prevent player from spamming every key :D

Check this out:

Hy check this one mate:

Check this out guys:)

Hey thank You. No worries, I'm not good at all at making sounds/music so I took royalty free ones.

Here You go man:

And thanks for every comment :)

Yeah, the main think is to come up with some idea and make it as small as possible. Yeah, and You will see that making game really really small with one mechanic but from start to end (menus, UI, sounds, even 1 level) take some time. If more You gonna make tiny projects then it will be easier for You to make bigger and bigger stuff :) First of all - don't worry. We've all been through that.

Nice game. It's kinda hard to simultaneously look where to place building and when beats to place is in correct spot. I would add more accent to beat and time when it has to be placed.

I love that fireworks! :) Not much of a gameplay but it's okay. Point that it must've been fullscreen.

Nice looking game. Kinda confusing at the beginning but at the end it's nice game. Enemies are too fast for my typing speed :D

Poor gameplay and graphics. Good idea but not finished I think

I like the style :)

Faster response time on moving would be better but overall it's good :)