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Really like the concept ! The animations and the shaders look great, maybe the cube is going a little too fast, but I felt like the movement was a little bit too slippy . Nice entry !

Best score was 1220, the ball is kinda hard to hit and I couldn't find a way to chose the directions , but the graphics looks great and the idea is cool ! 

Wow really nice game, more complete than a lot of the jam's games, the music is great ! Liked it 

No not at all, its still in early development :/

Cool idea ! The only downside is that the ship is kinda hard to maneuver, but the idea is great !

Thank you ! The mixing genres are Survival / Boss game

Thank you all for all the cool games !

We are currently working on an other project at the moment and I don't think that we will continue the dev of Not so lone Island any time soon, but who knows, maybe when we'll finish our actual project we'll focus on developing this one

Thank you ! I wanted to put some easter eggs, but as u can see on the top "submitted 2 seconds before the deadline", we were kinda short on time
Same for the chest, we had some ideas for it but there is no way to open the chest

( ça m'arrange que ce soit en AZERTY mdr ) Nice one ! 

Wow cool game ! Looks amazing, and the movement feels really cool ! Great entry !

146 505 ! Was beginning to get too fast for me, but really polished and juicy game, nice entry !

Loved how the cars IA works in a race, really funny and cool game !

Great visuals, the game looks amazing, and the concept is cool ! enjoyed it a lot

Reeally cool idea ! The first time I tried to reload in front of 5 enemies really surprised me when I saw the puzzle to resolve, but actually that's a really cool idea to make reloading more intersecting, nice first game !

Nice one, found the music a little bit loud but great game !

Thank you ! The boss actually smash all the island, and you lose hp everytimes he smashes, but if you are under his arm you take a lot more damage

Liked it, the game looks really great, the controls feels just a little bit weirds when you have to shots the cards, but really cool overall

The concept is really cool ! Really like the UI, but I couldn't find a way to lock the cursor in the game, on browser mode my mouse kept getting out 

Really cool graphics, the game looks amazing ! ( nice un jeu en ZQSD )

Great idea, the movement are kinda clunky , but fun narration !

Nice game ! The 2 lasts levels are really hard, but I managed to get through

Did not finish it on first try, but I did finished it in the end ! Nice first game !

The game is really cool, with a lot of potential ! Great entry

Beautiful game ! Really like the graphics, and the movement feel great

Love the aesthetic ! Found out that player 2 just have to wait on a grave so that player 1 can never win 

Really great game !

Cool concept,had fun playing it, just lack of more diversity on the weapons

Thank you for the feedback ! To craft an item, you must first gather the resources needed to craft it, they wont be showed before that 
We had trouble with the camera from the begining, I wanted to correct them but did not had time :/

Beautiful game !

Struggled to get my character where I wanted him to be, but the sounds and graphics are amazing !

Great little game ! Too bad you didnt had graphics for the map, but overall I had fun 

Impressive game, the movements are kinda hard to get for the firsts minutes, but the game looks amazing !

Funny little game, really like the character design !

Love the aesthetic ! Just lack a little bit of UI to be aware of like how much cops are remaining or your life, but had fun playing it !

Oh yeah actually great idea, we should add more feedback about the items you can destroy

Thank you ! Unfortunately no, you can't open the chest, we wanted to do something with it but we did not had time :/

going to sleep, I'll try it out tomorrow !

Here is my game : !

Don't forget to read the page, all the controls and the tutorials are written here 
Thank you for doing this !

I'll also rate your game

Thank you ! Yeah there is still some big glithes with the player, but that's the fun of testing jam games

Thank you ! We wanted to make a tutorial, but we ran out of time ( submitted 2 sec before the deadline )
The resources you can gather are already highlighted when you can loot them, but I think I could make it bigger

The concept is really cool ! Kinda hard game, couldn't finish it, but I really enjoyed snaping in rythm while runing for my life

Struggled for 5 mn after playing it because I actually snap with my middle finger, and tried to snap with the 4th finger like in the game