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Ranger Peeps

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Hmmm, sorry that you couldn't get there. Maybe try again if you like and make sure that you are touching the light green border at the edge. You may have entered the camp area twice.

Great game! It would be cool if you added more enemys.

Great game! It would be cool if you added more enemys.

I couldn't get the rope game to work, but the others were fun. I also think that the death screen is broken as I got stuck fishing indefinitely.

My best was 37! How did you get 82?

The atmosphere is great! It was pretty scary, and the quality was great. It was a bit loud however.

It was fun, I liked the art, but it got boring for me after a bit.

It was fun, I liked the art, but it got boring for me after a bit.

The game wouldn't start for me, it just showed a black screen. I hope you can fix it.

The art was great, but it took me a long time to figure out how to get the car stuck out of the mud. I was pressing down on the mouse but nothing was happening. After I got it to work it was fun, but it got repetitive after a while.

I enjoyed it a lot, but I didn't understand what the black bars where. At first I thought they were shields and I couldn't shoot through them. Pretty cool otherwise.

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Aliens won't spawn in the camp area, walk out of the screen bowndrys and a new area will load, enemy's will spawn there. :) You can also move the amouse to change the direction of your players knife.

Sorry it is buggy I didn’t have time to bug fix. I hope you enjoy! 

Wow thank you so much!

I liked your game too. Just curious, was it 2D or 3D. It looked like it could become a really successful game if you continued to work on it. 

THERE IS NO WAY YOU MADE THIS IN 10 DAYS! Amazing. Great art and everything. I couldn't do anything like this in a year.

I found this to be really hard. I couldn't really find out how to die after initially falling. the game seems really fleshed out for a game jam game and I loved the music. It took me forever to get to level 2 and then fell to level 1 immediately. 

I really liked the sound and ascetic but it was REALLY hard! It didn't fit the theme great but it has lots of potential.

I can't seem to jump. I am pressing w but nothing is happening.

I like the sound of this as my name is Ranger Peeps. Haven’t been able to play any games yet but I look forward to playing this.

I know this is a bit late but  here are some controls for the game.

WASD or ARROW keys to move. To place the box press SPACE. To move it again press B

For some of the licensing stuff I like to make my own art. It takes extra time but feels more rewarding and you din’t have to deal with credits and all that because you know that you made it. If anyone hasn’t tried it then I would definitely recommend.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure how obvious it was or not. I am happy that someone actually played it. I am going to update the description to include controls.

I was just wondering how everyone is doing as today is the last day. This has been my first jam and I am very excited.

Ok, yea I think that you are right. Thanks.

It is required for submission

I would think that you are fine. I know some others are using it too but I don’t think the judges are that harsh. I wouldn’t sweat it

I was just wondering if there was going to be any ranking system, either way I am still excited to continue working on my game.

Alright thanks :)

My game is .html based and I was wondering how I should add the source code? Should I add it it the description? Provide the game’s html file or a .txt of the code? Please advice!