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i'm proudly announcing that piss ate shit

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Hi! Thanks for review. (sorry for bad english in advance :P)

The game looks pretty clean and the only bug I found during my play throughs was the dino would jump at the very start even when I didn't press the button

Well... it's not the only bug :) I did collision checking in the last order and regret that. Weird bugs with jumping happend almost at the end of jam, and I had to use some hacks.

I would prefer the jump to be less sluggish but what can you ask for, the Nokia wasn't the most responsive thing in the world :).

That is one of the hacks I had to use... I made near moon physics because it was hard to jump over even first cactus xD (by the way, look at that code in dev tool (F12)... whoa, that's a lot of spaghetti!)

No shame in making a clone of the dinosaur game, its very charming

Thank you!

I hope you learned something in the time it took you to make it!

Ofc I do! 1. Don't use custom engines when jam lasts 3 or less days. 2. Make gameplay first XD

Thanks for the feedback and for participating!

And thank you for hosting this rad jam! If you're gonna host jam next year, I'd like to participate again!

The game is good, but I prefer tea. /s 

Hey, I like this game! Good sound effects, simple style and gameplay - this game is perfect for me! If only there was a level editor...

Make a good prize. XD

How to control character?

Score test
Menu update
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Mini Games!

Oh my eyes!

Sorry for yandex drive

My small steps to gamedev:

Made with Love2D

Wow! Thank you!

Can I post the unfinished game?