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I'm a sucker for block building games, especially when accompanied with a strange alien creature. I also love how that gaze mechanic works for this game. Good Job!

Very fun game! I love the animations with all the different interactions your character can do. The puzzles are very well done as well! Good Job!

10/10 reminds me why I use linux.

Ah I see thank you for the input! My music composer actually said something similar and why he had so much troubles on the cloud level. I'll definitely refine the controls more next week when I work on this some more. Grounded friction is actually programmed but it seems it needs to be tweaked (with other various options) to make it the platforming smoother. And apparently I was the only one on the team that could beat it so I need to make it easier also haha. But again thanks for the input !

I really did feel like a side character through Keenan's eyes seeing everything from his perspective instead of Max. I also like how you integrated the link's within the story opposed to giving the options at the bottom of the passage. Good Job!

I'm a sucker for these types of games. Gave me a nostalgia for a game called "Reccettear item shop". It did initially start out confusing and overwhelming at first but turned out to be very fun. I also love the references! Great Job!

Nice! Finally beaten the game (or at least gotten past the dragon part where it stopped scrolling for me). Very fun idea that you really incorporated well. Adding more things to do aside from just slashing monsters and punishing the player for slashing the wrong things was a genius idea. Great Job!

Thank you for the feedback, my team deserves the credit for all the assets despite not using all their stuff. I do agree the controls can take used to getting to. When you say stiffness are you talking about small amount of acceleration (like the Mario games). I can look into more when I have time and see what feels right. With that said thanks for playing our game! :D

Congratulations for winning! You game is so polished and those animations for the tentacles are so smooth that it really stands out. I can see you easily turning this into a mobile game with these controls.

Thanks, will definitely look into it. The camera does zoom out but not as accurate as I would like to. The timer use to be longer but I discovered the players break the level past the 2:00 minute mark so I had to limit it for the booth here. I do plan on adding more levels and objectives since I don't have the 48 hour time constraint now. But definitely appreciate the feedback! :D

I don't mind at all. I'm very pleased you played my short game and enjoyed it. This might be silly but my favorite part is you being the first person recognizing the animal as a deer that I horribly modeled. Everyone thought it was a 4 legged kangaroo or something XD. Very appreciated you played my game and I'm very honored you took the time to spotlight it.