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I guess that was the point after all haha So, glad it helped!

Thank you so much! <3

Wow, me ha encantado

The core concept and the music make this melancholily beautiful

¡Muchas gracias! Yo estuve un rato dándole al vuestro de los dados y me lo pasé muy bien; bien logrado, ¡buen trabajo!

Muchas gracias :3


Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it <3

Visualmente es muy chulo, y la música está muy bien escogida. Eso sí, el control me ha hecho diabluras. Me cuesta un montón manejarme para llegar a los sitios

El estilo está logradísimo. Me encantan los menús, los sprites, cómo varía la música... ¡Muy bueno!

Qué original y qué vistoso. Me lo he pasado muy bien con éste. Buen trabajo!

El mar está bien conseguido. La idea también me gusta para montar algo sobre ella. ¿Hay mucha progresión en el juego? No sé si es que tendría que haber esperado más, pero sólo podía comerciar con madera.

¡Qué bueno! Pensaba que iba a ser simplemente un juego de pescar, pero el rollo de mantener el equilibrio de la barca es genial. Y la animación cuando estás a punto de perder me encanta. 

¡Muy buen juego! Es dinámico, es bonito, el control va guay, y con los coleccionables tan fáciles de ver engancha mucho. Buen trabajo

Suuuper chulo. La estética es una preciosidad y la idea es sencilla y muy bien resuelta. ¡Enhorabuena!

Una cosilla, fuera de lo que es el juego: Los enlaces a vuestros LinkedIn y ArtStation en los créditos no me abren. No sé si es sólo cosa mía

Honestly, I was not expecting too much, but I have played WOBJ and loved how light, and positive, and funny, and fresh it is. I feel a mix of nostalgia and good vibes, and I have been moved in a delightful way.

Thank you for this game <3

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Sure, the gunplay is something I should defo try to work on a little more


Maybe I could turn this into a survival-horro game haha

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! ^_^

Thank you for your comment and for playing! :)

Thank you so much :D It was the first idea I got from the theme that I liked, and tried to build everything around it

Thanks, I really appreciate your comment haha I'm not very fond of my art skills. The battery was the only thing I worked on for more than 5 minutes, though.

Yep, about the shooting, that's one of the parts I had more non-executed ideas. I wanted ammo, reloading, auto mode... Could be much better. But hey, with only 3 hours...

Thanks for playing

Thanks! I agree, the game feels quite easy. With more time, I could've tested and tweaked values a little to get some more challenge out of it, but I had already gone some minutes over the 3 hour limit...

Yes, I think a smoother movement and better view of the scene would make the maze easier and funnier to move through it! :)

True, it is quite short. But I had fun playing this. I just missed some more coding control in cases like dying but still being able to shoot, or winning but being hit and seeing both wind and lose messages.

Congrats on the idea and its development!

As AnyOne05 said, the game is quite relaxing. I guess it is due to the music. I really liked it. But I am not sure about what I am supposed to do when playing, or if I'm doing right.

Wow, much more challenging than I thought. Good job, nice idea. It's difficult and fun.

Simple but interesting. Nice work with the sound and adjusting art to development times. Do planets lose energy at different rates? That would make the game feel more challenging and less like clicking in circles. Congrats on the game! :)

Good tweak on the "you" in "You are the power source". I wish you had made something more challenging, this feels like just a test. Congrats on the idea and the delivery in time!

I really liked of you used the theme, and loved you pixel art style.

I like the feel of progression from the cannon upgrade mechanic, though I miss a win or lose condition to make it more interesting. Nice work, anyway. Congratulations!

A great take on the theme. I really had fun playing your game. Nice design efforts here, and the game is fun to play even when I am not very sure what is happening. Fantastic work with visual and sound effects.

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Could work fine as a puzzle game, but I can't find the link to the "power source" theme, and the randomness gets the game into a deadlock around 2-3 minutes of playing.

Nice work delivering on time!

Fits the theme nicely but I find mechanics a little obscure: I can't really be sure if I'm doing good, I always lose in less than 1 minute. I would have appreciated a little more info about controls or how game works. Also, miss some restart button instead of refreshing, because I lost too many times.

Nice work with the graphic assets.

Fine, hypercasual, but very nice, consistent design here. I like the artstyle, and the music loop! Perhaps you went a little too literal with the theme, and as paynob said, an animation for the cable change would be great.

Congratulations to both of you! Nice work. 

I like the idea of having to escape from a labyrinth with time pressure, but with no means to solve it but trial and error, it feels more unfair than fun. Also I feel we are an energy particle just because, and the theme it's not used with any narrative or mechanic purpose.

Congratulations for delivering in time and making code, art, and sound all by yourself. Nice work!

I really hoped this was kind of hyper conceptual deep game at the end, but it is just kind of a joke game. Nice screen shake, if I had to point to something good.

I enjoyed the game much more than I thought I would at first sight. You did a great job with the control and the killstreak feedback. I find it disturbing that game is lost if I leave the screen from the top, instead of letting me fall back again. I liked your game. However, I really can't find any link to the theme of the jam :/

Good choice of sound effects. It fits as a space shooter but I really do not get the point of hijacking enemy ships. I find it either pointless or confusing. Congrats for delivering the game, though!

First of all, it is a nice concept and I like the art for the character. But given the current state of the game, I think you should have gone a little over the time limit and make it more playable.