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Thank you! We definitely wanted a horror feel to the game.

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Thanks for the feedback! I have never played Nintendoland, but will have to check it out. As for matching the theme, we wanted to bake several mechanics into the light beam meaning you have "only one" tool to navigate the world.

This was awesome for such a short period of time. My only critique is that sometimes I didn't need my entire party. I could solve the puzzle with a small subset of the characters. Great job!

Hey Team Horsehead, check out our game One Nightstand. It's a dungeon crawler style game where you only get one tool to escape; the lamp on your nightstand. You have to balance damaging enemies, charging wall generators, visibility and your health with this single tool.

This is a fun concept. I think it would be interesting to add negative consequences to your abilities as well. Like potentially draining energy when shooting or when your shield gets hit. Less so than actually taking damage but would add a nice risk/reward system. Really enjoyed!

Would love some ratings and criticism of your game! You only get one tool to defend, escape, and interact with the world, the light from the lamp on your nightstand.

This was really enjoyable. Bouncing the axe and getting combos felt great.

We made a game called One Nightstand where you have to escape a home. You get only one tool for escape - the light from the lamp on your nightstand. It is used to attack enemies and power up wall generators. It's also your main visibility tool as well as your battery. You die when the battery runs out.  Hope you enjoy

This was fun! The last level was challenging and has a lot of potential. 

This was fun! The last level was challenging and has a lot of potential. 

Thanks! Our artists enjoyed creating the environment and silly characters.