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No problem! Keep 'em coming.

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The conclusion is good enough to stand in for the entire article - I'd actually put it on top as a "tl;dr" and let anyone interested in the minutiae read on. Also the line spacing makes it a little hard to read (for me) - it seems like every sentence is a paragraph. Sections should be shorter, tighter, and more visibly differentiable. "Good news" and "Bad news" are not informative titles - title your sections in a way that answers the question "what am I going to learn in this part?" - this is the way to respect the reader's time. 

This could be a cute minigame for my project but I want to see it in action first. Do you have a video showing this anywhere? The only video I've seen is from a year ago on Twitter and it didn't seem quite ready then. 

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IURP: Sodbhu

WR: Kbrkqrr

Khoor wr brx wrr :)

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Cool little proof of concept. I really liked the visuals and the environment, you clearly put some thought into it.

Couldn't find the download link. Did you remove it?

One of my favorite jam games yet. Well done! My personal best is 26. Whoever did over 100 in the global high score? That's crazy!