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Oh, cool!  I hope the students enjoyed the game and learned something useful! 😊

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Found this game through WarpDoor; great game!  Very good, appropriate audio (love how the music develops as you play) with an evocative and cohesive aesthetic!  A very interesting design for a game that I think has a lot of potential; definitely like how your reward grows as your risk, so like early on you can go a little risky.  Even in this jam game form, I had a lot of fun and thought the length of the game was right around that sweet spot.

Definitely felt like some assists were more powerful than others in some circumstances (I always go for box assist if it's in middle row or column).  Compound this with the ability to pass for minimal penalty the dominant strategy seems to be lead risky and then fold if you can't guarantee a win.  As such it's just a matter of patience before an inevitable finish.

Hey dondashall!

Thanks for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game and sorry that you found the burger level frustrating.  As you've surmised introducing randomness can make some runs impossible and although they're balanced to be possible, those levels can slip through the cracks.  5 fails in a row is a bit more than what came up in playtesting however, so when I get a chance I'll have to take a look.  Thanks for your feedback!  Hope you can get that coveted 100% perfect playthrough!

I hope you enjoyed the game!  It's reassuring to hear people have the same thought about this weird little game from our childhood... 😆

Thank you for your hard work!  Seeing that you enjoyed playing means a lot to me!

That is wild!  This is definitely the first time I've seen this or anything like this happen... even weirder that it resolved itself after some fiddling!  Thanks for getting a screenshot, I'll certainly keep an eye out for this elusive bug...

I'm glad that you made it to the end of the game, and hopefully this bug didn't sour your experience too much.  Thank you for playing and taking the time to report the bug, it means a lot to me!

Hi!  I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

I haven't heard of this particular issue before... like, it's hovering above the down pipe, and it persists even when you restart?  Do other pieces collide with the bugged piece and form a junk piece?  

If this happens again, could you please send me a screen shot?  It'd help me a lot! 😀

Hi!  Thanks for your kind words, and I hope you enjoyed the game.  c: