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v 1.21

  • Can't change into or even see new $130 school skirt in wardrobe.
  • could buy halloween outfit, but couldn't ever actually wear it. Was even in wardrobe, but couldn't put it on.
    • Couldn't fulfill Halloween event as a consequence. Kept telling me to put the costume on and I couldn't
  • bought $10 wine before asked, and Ash made me buy it again, before I could come to the dorms
  • Wouldn't let me buy flesh dildo, even tho I had high enough corruption; could buy the vibrating egg, tho, even though it had a higher corruption level. Had high enough corruption for both, so I was confused why I was able to buy one but not the other.

May not be bugs, but are issues:

  • No tab for clothes other than sleepwear, costumes and underwear. Able to see swimsuit and other clothes but only if you click sleepwear tab twice
  • None of the NPC's corruption changes, even tho they are clearly engaging in corrupt events with you
  • Really needs more than 1 save choice --  and only autosave at that.

Discomfort with fetishes that aren't mentioned: tentacle porn was totally unexpected and killed my boner. Fortunately, I have a rapid auto-clicker that allows me to quickly skip past this unerotic scene.

Just ran across this game and it shows a lot of promise. Would be willing to support but not sure if it's still in development.

Was unable to open the .rar for this game. Is there a problem or a password required?

Cannot open the zip file. Does this require a password?