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that’s gold right here

Sorry about the error. I’ll look into it asap. Thanks for your feedback

If you wanna contribute plz join our discord community and report bugs and suggestions at

I do plan to add heroes from other games, but there’s a lot of bugs and things to finish first. I would love to hear your ideas and all help is welcome.

That’s good I guess, at least it’s not the same as every other card game.

Sorry about the conection issue. I’ll look into it asap. Thanks for your feedback

Não conheço o CGs, manda link pra eu entender o q ta acontecendo

Isso ai Xiko. Quase um programador ja 😂

Great game, should have a single player option

I understand and respect the decision, just note that it does come at the cost of risking to have outdated games because of the upload process. 

About the referal, I mean that the google analitics referal list shows "" instead of the usual link. Not a big deal, and I think it's not hard to fix.

Really nice game ... I really wish it was open source.

I'm not going to update itch every time my game is updated, also the lock makes the referal broken. 

So why don't you guys just add a "embed external game URL" for HTML5 games next to the zip/html file upload and make it easier for everyone?

Great game ... good work!

I must admit I preferred the energy system before the last update cuz there was just no need for a second view, it was all on the same screen.

Also it would be nice to have a generate new terrain button in order to avoid going back to the menu until a nice land spot appears. 

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The game is amazing, congratulations!

Awesome game, really cool! My suggestion: make the dungeon a little easier so you can reach lvl100 and put a nice surprise there!

Awesome game, cool graphics, easy to learn, no bugs. GRATZ!!!
Recommended 10/10

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* deleted comment about the fact that the name 'Foda' translates from Portuguese-BR as a bad word

The new name was a community decision. The game was called DotaCard, but we changed to avoid any possible legal issue.

I'm from Brazil as most of our players, I guess we all found it a pretty funny pum (it also has other meanings like cool or hard)!

There's a perfect place for you to help me clear those pesky bugs!

But feel free to contact me anyway you want!

Fixed the tutorial in update 0.2.44, the passive card should appear now.
Thanks again Lawrencelot!

Thanks, I created this page yesterday,
so check again later cuz I will soon upload more stuff!!!

You just found a  bug Lawrencelot,  thanks  lot.
Working on it right now!

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A free to play browser card game with all Dota heroes and skills!

Play now at 
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