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Movement IV: Wanderlust is now available for download

Thank you. It was hard to get through the speech a second time, but it was worth it. Glad it meant something to you!

Thank you for playing. I'm really excited at the idea of this being able to do some good in the world.

Thank you so much. I just want to do his vision justice, so I appreciate that :)

Thank you. There will be more excerpts released shortly, so stay tuned

I'm glad the game meant something to you both. While ordinarily I try to keep things like this private, I know for certain that Charlie knew that this story would help someone out there. Honestly if this game is able to help even one person understand what it would be like to lose them, and show them that it's worth it to keep going, it'll be worth it for both of us. I appreciate any help spreading his message. I appreciated your respect of the source material in the video.

Everyone experiences trauma differently, everyone experiences grief differently. 

The Drowning Machine is a chance at closure for both me and him, and I'm just glad that the message has gotten out.

Thank you both for playing

Thank you, I just want to do my best to honor him.

Thank you, I really appreciate that. There will be more parts coming soon to tell the whole story.

Thanks Johnny!

hey JTHipster, glad to hear you enjoyed the game! Keep an eye out for more soon 👀

hey there! I’m glad you liked the game otherwise! I’m actually currently fully refactoring the game to run 1000x better, and the dialogue has been improved heavily already, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for playing! Can't wait to watch this :)

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This game was such a genuine joy to work on, I really hope y'all have as much fun playing as we did making it!


I’ll give it another shot shortly! Thanks for letting me know :)

Hey just btw, you've got a launch error!

Hey Aimd! I’m a community mod for HPS1. 

There will absolutely be future jams, although there’s no hard plans at this exact second. Feel free to follow HPS1 or join the server for updates!

I’m very glad it helped, the subtitles were something we really felt strongly about adding!

I honestly don’t know why unreal defaults to VR even if there’s no VR functionality, kind of a huge pain tbh but worth it!

Makes me think I should put out a VR patch 👀👀

So the jam edition is feature complete, if not a bit buggy since it was a jam game, but I'll likely update it with more content and bug fixes sporadically in the future!

Feel free to play the jam version for now, I'll be updating the full game separately :)

I'm curious to hear your analysis! Glad you enjoyed :)

thanks for playing Iwan! We’re gonna be rebuilding the collisions so hopefully there will be less sticking shortly :)

Should be fixed now, along with a few QOL and accessibility updates. Let me know what you think!

Oh thank you for finding this! I’ll look into a fix when I publish the updated version. I’m very glad you enjoyed the game!

We’re actually still in development, I just wanted to make sure the store page is working. Thank you for telling me though! I’ll let you know when it’s released :)

sorry you guys had a rough time with it, i'm working on some patches to fix the issues you guys were having! thanks for playing though, hope I can make a better impression in the future!

the game runs significantly better on windows, as that's my primary development platform. the mac version is still super buggy but I'm working on some fixes!

for now, the issues  can be fixed by fullscreening the game, and turning your graphics settings down. if it doesn't, please PM me @senplusplus on twitter!

the brightness can be adjusted in the settings btw!!

just went up! might be a little buggy but check it out!

great to hear you enjoyed! did you find any of the secrets?

good question! I'm currently in the process of getting a Mac AND Linux release up for download ASAP!