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Oh thanks! I was thinking about the hybrid 1st person perspective in Drakkhen while working on this

must ... stop ... procrastinating ... with cga pumpkin carving tool...

This is very playable and enjoyable! The vertical layout and all the different gameplay components work well together. I'll need to get some more practice in to unlock the other characters.

Wow, that was awesome.

Interesting take on ZZT! I like the drawbridge structures near the end,

Is it possible to save the game? I notice that the help screen recommends saving often, and the game over message offers to load saved games, but nothing seems to happen for me.

This was fun! Good use of multiple protagonists experiencing things differently in the same general area.

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Converted by hand. I'm going to put together an article about the differences between the two engines later when I have more time.

I can drop this page and include the converted assets on the main Bitsy version if that is preferred.

Thank you! Bitsy is really fun to work with.

Thank you for the very kind words! I wanted to try making something like Bad Mojo in Bitsy, but a little less gross, after watching a little spider casually scaling my computer monitor.

I ended up taking some shortcuts / liberties with screen-to-screen continuity, like the rear sideview rooms (behind the monitor) are mirrored horizontally to align with the top-down desk view.

Thank you!

Hey thanks! There were lots of very cool entries in this jam

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Hi! I love Bitsy. I noticed a freezing bug when working on a game, and thought I should report it here. Apologies if this is already documented -- I searched the 4.0 thread for 'freeze' and didn't see mention of it there.

Version: 4.5

Tested in: Firefox 50.0.1 (64-bit), Chromium 63.0.3239.108, both running on Fedora 27

Issue: Exits pointing to uninitialized rooms will cause the game to freeze. It appears that under certain circumstances, these exits can be introduced to game data when deleting rooms.

Steps to duplicate the issue from a new Bitsy file:

* Create a new room, so that you have Room 0 and Room 1.

* Place two exits from Room 0 to Room 1. There will be two exits in the Bitsy data for Room 0:

EXT 0,0 1 0,0

EXT 1,0 1 1,0

* Delete Room 1. One exit remains from Room 0 to Room 1. This exit is not visible in the editor, but it can be clicked on with the mouse and the 'Exits' panel will react.

EXT 1,0 1 1,0

* Stepping on this exit will freeze the game.

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Love the frame and labels going on here.

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This game started as part of a 'just messing around' file in an older version of Bitsy.  While editing and testing, I've experienced some issues related to invalid room exits being introduced into the game data.  If you find that the game freezes when the avatar passes over a certain spot, please take a screenshot, or let me know the exact location that it stopped working for you, and I'll try to fix it. I believe I caught them all, but not 100% sure. Thanks!