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Hell yeah, thanks Franc! That would thematically be v dope :)

brilliant and fun (and peak Cruelty Squad or whatever that aesthetic could be called) and I utterly adore the art, true creative vomit I love it

it's clearly so thoughtfully done, great work dude

i'm in love with this art style, this adventure is evocative and nails what it's going for so perfectly, not least because of how good the art is

This setting is so much fun and all the work y'all put into this book really shines

Hey I love this

Holy shit

Tremendous new interior art

No worries! It's just that as of now when someone searches for them on itch, they won't be able to tell from the thumbnail or store page which is the original and which is the translation!

Hi Littlefears! Love the pdfs! I forgot to specify earlier—can you please specify that they're translations and credit me, linking to my Starlogs and Phasers+Photons pages on your translations' pages? Thanks much and hope it reaches a wide jdr audience :)

Hey there! Thanks for asking permission, and absolutely! Feel free to post them on your itch page! :) I’m very flattered you enjoyed them enough to translate them! I made a playlist of the listed albums of inspiration (sans TLHP Graveyard)!

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I like the symmetry of having 36 playable species, but here's a few more for good measure!

ANTEDEAN: you can enter a catatonic fugue state during which time you have +2 armor.

CHALNOTH: when you attack someone exercising authority over others, roll as if you have an applicable skill and deal +1d6 damage.

DOPTERIAN: +1 to sleight of hand.

KOBLIAD: you need deuridium to live. If you go too long without consuming deuridium, you become sick—for all rolls while deuridium-famished, roll 3d6 and use the two lowest dice. When you have fresh deuridium coursing through your system, make all rolls as if you had an applicable skill.

LETHEAN: you can inflict a psychic poison with a touch. The victim must roll+CON to resist—suffering 1d6 damage with each attempt—and is cured only on a full success.

MIZARIAN: when someone tries to hurt you and you haven’t hurt them or their friends, flip a coin. On heads, they can't bring themselves to hurt you. On tails, they regret the hurt they cause you.

NAPEAN: when you peer into a person's aura to see what their current emotional state is, receive such information easily (in the form of a color) but roll+CON to resist that becoming your own emotional state.

TIBURONIAN: when you indulge in hedonistic excess, roll+CON and heal 2d6+CON vitality on a success.

Heads up: I asked leaf about why the cy_borg tag is strangely empty, and apparently itch has a problem with tags with underscores. It should rather be a hyphen  (-) to show up on a tag search. Just wanted to let the community know about the discoverability problems which will come with that!!

That's great, thanks Oz! The creative gears in my head are already turning 🙌

I keep coming back to Pulka! more and more⁠—it really seems like the perfect hack for onboarding players new to ttrpgs! It has access to that huge breadth of Troika! fluff and supplements⁠—perfect for hooking new players⁠—but it does some fun and smart stuff with Troika!'s opaque rules. Anyway, love this, and I'm inspired to use it for exactly that purpose. Question: what use license does Pulka! have, in particular regarding hacking it (like, a Powered by Pulka! kinda thing)?

very successfully draws out the same feelings and thoughtforms i used to get as a child when i stared at the Dinotopia books; pleasing, blissful adventure

it loses nothing and gains a lot (in terms of allowing players latitude to shape the fiction/places themselves—it is GMless after all) by not actually being a Dinotopia game, though

fun and evocative!

This game has one of the best flufftext intros I've ever read (page 1 of the PDF). It presents so many great hooks ("the witches have returned from the woods", etc.), it immediately set gears turning in my head.

The set dressing that unfolds over the subsequent pages is also well-done, communicating very well the tone and place of the game. Importantly, it leaves lots of gaps for the imagination.

I think this is one of the strengths of the whole system: character creation, too, leads to a character sheet filled with potential hooks, touching upon the PC's past and characterization in a very clear, concise way. Altogether the game delivers potential stories very well. It guides with a light hand.

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more music for the table: violin concertos by the leader of an all-black regiment of the French Revolutionary Army, the Chevalier de Saint-Georges

some thematic inspo

thanks dude!!