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I like the symmetry of having 36 playable species, but here's a few more for good measure!

ANTEDEAN: you can enter a catatonic fugue state during which time you have +2 armor.

CHALNOTH: when you attack someone exercising authority over others, roll as if you have an applicable skill and deal +1d6 damage.

DOPTERIAN: +1 to sleight of hand.

KOBLIAD: you need deuridium to live. If you go too long without consuming deuridium, you become sick—for all rolls while deuridium-famished, roll 3d6 and use the two lowest dice. When you have fresh deuridium coursing through your system, make all rolls as if you had an applicable skill.

LETHEAN: you can inflict a psychic poison with a touch. The victim must roll+CON to resist—suffering 1d6 damage with each attempt—and is cured only on a full success.

MIZARIAN: when someone tries to hurt you and you haven’t hurt them or their friends, flip a coin. On heads, they can't bring themselves to hurt you. On tails, they regret the hurt they cause you.

NAPEAN: when you peer into a person's aura to see what their current emotional state is, receive such information easily (in the form of a color) but roll+CON to resist that becoming your own emotional state.

TIBURONIAN: when you indulge in hedonistic excess, roll+CON and heal 2d6+CON vitality on a success.