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Great, do you like it? :)

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Please just respond

Can you run the game now?

To play the Trick or Treat game you need winrar, after you extracted the files you must press the exe file!  thanks

Jij ook?

May the best game win!

Which game is the best?

I am making a game called Trick or Treat (i am also looking for ideas!) Does someone have some good ideas?

-Thanks Quint

If you know another way to communicate, i would love to hear it! :)

Ever heard of Discord? I do but i never used it. Try to join by pressing this link > We can use this to chat live instead of posting and replying. :)

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Sounds very serious, I only have one year of Unity experience. But let's see how this works out ;)

Funny game :)

Great idea, working on it! ;)

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The game looks cool, but there is something wrong with the GUI's... you probably used      new Rect(400,200,300,150) or something but you can better use new Rect(Screen.width / 2 + 400, Screen.heigth / 2- 200,300,150) or something.

Looking for someone who is experienced in scripts and 3D model. I have a project already! thanks :)