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Quintino Pixels

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Depends on what engine you're using. But in the spritesheet file the tiles marked 'water' are actually 5 frames

Is there! Oh man, I'll fix that whenever I can. Thanks for pointing that out!

Thats awesome, man! Thanks for the credits, and I'll be sure to check the game out!

Thanks, man!

Sure! hahah
And no worries, its not mine as well

Thank you! 
Sure, feel free to use it :) 

I'd have to double check (its been a while) but I believe it is! 


Thats absolutely amazing! Looking forward to play it

for some reason it was hidden :/ 

Fixed that, thank you!

I usually increase the price after a couple of days o release. But made it U$2 again :D 

Nice! Let me know how it turns out

hahahah thanks :D 

Thanks a lot, Jameos! 

Thank you so much!


Hey! It's free again! 

Sure, go ahead :) 

Oh man! Im so honored thank you! 

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

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It's there now! Can't believe I forgot to upload the pack haha

Hey Guys! Posted my new pack of pixel art assets! You can find many more on my profile, be sure to check it out

Awesome game! Smooth gameplay, and incredible visuals

Hello! I would like to make my Frozen Forest tileset avaiable in the bundle, if possible

I use Aseprite :D

thats great to hear! Would love to see more of your game!

Yeah, feel free to use it

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Of course!

Thank you, so much!

Hey there! Its 0, feel free to use it! 

And thanks ^^

Hey! Thanks a lot! Updated the description with It. Feel free to use the icons as needed

Sure! Feel free to use it as you like it!

Hey! Thanks for the warning. I updated the file, can you try again please? I was able to download it now

Sure, be free to use it as it suits you

sure! Send a DM to me on my insta @quintino_pixels, or send me an email on