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I'd like to suggest the spawn rate of tree seeds to be lowered, or some additional use for them created. Perhaps they can be fed to a 'Piglet', who also needs water (some higher amount of each) to turn into a 'Pig', after which you can slaughter them at a 'Butcher Block', using a 'Cleaver', resulting in 'Bacon', which the Folk will love (let's face it, who doesn't love bacon?)

I noticed something strange with 'charger bots'. I use two bots per section of the map to recharge other bots, so they can charge each other if they run out of battery themselves. I've noticed that when one 'charger bot' runs up to a bot that's out of battery, the other 'charger bot' will stand still, waiting, until the first one has charged the bot that was out of battery. Then the 'charger bot' that was standing still will run up to the bot that was just charged, as well. It looks as if a bot running out of battery flags all 'charger bots' that have it within its working area, and then they take turns trying to charge, while obviously only the first one needs to.

No problem!

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A couple of things I noticed farming:

1) Weeding is done with a shovel. I'd expect the hoe to be used for that, but that tool doesn't seem to have a function, while shovels are used for both digging tree holes and weeding.

2) In the above screenshot Gary is the bot indicated with the white square. While there is a last weed within his red circle work area, he's not able to find it, apparently.

3) Once fertilizer is applied to Weeded Soil, it turns into Soil. No matter how much you plant and harvest from that Soil, it stays Soil, apparently having infinite nutrients and never needing more Fertilizer. So right now we will never need more Fertilizer than there are 'farming plots'. (Hence the bored fertilizer carrier near the windmill). Suggestion: change 'Weeded Soil' to 'Barren Soil', and have Soil turn to Barren Soil after a couple of harvests.

4) When Cereal is fully grown and harvested with the scythe, but not yet picked up, 'seeder' bots will see this plot as Soil again, and try to plant a seed there. The game won't let them until the cereal is picked up, and they will stall. It would be great if they would try to 'Find Soil' that is not blocked by a cereal instead.

5) While technically not wrong, the term 'Cereal' is usually used for processed grains (breakfast cereal, 'cornflakes'). Most people will probably call the stuff that grows on the farm 'Wheat'. I'd also call the 'Cereal Seeder' a 'Wheat Thresher'. A hand tool to do that work is called a 'Flail'.

6) (Not just farming) Storages of the same kind share a resource pool. This allows for a very convenient transport system, instantly teleporting goods from one end of the island to the other by putting resources into one storage and taking it out of another. This just seems like 'spooky action at a distance' to me, though  ;)

It's in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts

You can remove the weed with a shovel.

When trying to place a blueprint (simple flooring, for example), it won't let you do it if your character is in the way. This is weird, as once you have placed it, you can walk right through it.

Thank you for enlightening me, oh Master.

Hope I'm not being too pushy with the feature requests, just see it as feedback and do with it what you will ;)

The 'red circle' that shows the bot's working terrain apparently is centered around the location of the first item you interacted with when you were teaching the bot (i.e. if you're teaching it to chop wood, it will only chop wood in a certain radius around the location of the tree you chopped to show the bot how). It would be nice to have more control over this; for instance by clicking on the 'Find nearest x' entry in the learning dialog, and then clicking the position on the map you'd like to be the center of the bot's working area. Not too hard to fix this up when you're working with inanimate objects (e.g. just drop a log where you want the center to be, then show the bot how to pick it up and bring it to the storage), but I found it very tricky to set the working area I wanted for my bot-recharger-bot. Then again, maybe that's how you want it ;)

On a related issue: the 'Find nearest x' has the bot go to the 'x' nearest to the center of its 'red circle'. Sometimes this makes for very counterintuitive behavior, where for example a bot ignores a tree that's right next to the one he just chopped down, to walk to the other end of its 'red circle' work area where a tree is a fraction closer to the center. Reading 'Find nearest x' I would find it more logical for the bot to find the 'x' closest to its current location (while still within the red circle, to prevent it wandering off too far).

Perhaps this could be added as behavior for higher tier bots; it'll make them 'smarter'.


No wonder he's sad. His feet got wet. (Probably not supposed to spawn there).

Works great, thank you!

Totally aware of that! Thanks for your help and your hard work!

:( Actually, I just found out my solution doesn't work. Even though I have 3 copies of the game installed in 3 seperate directories, the save game is somehow shared between the three copies. One very upset 9 year old found out his daddy 'purposely' (not) overwrote his save game. All the more urgency for multiple save slots, please!

Feature request: start menu if there are saves, and multiple save slots. I enjoy playing the game as do both of my kids (9 and 11 years old, great game to improve coding smarts!), but without the save slots I now have three copies of Autonauts on my laptop ;)

Hehe, 'logged'.

Also general storage limits are not actually enforced.

General storage seems fairly useless as well, as it seems possible to stack infinite items on the ground.

The seedling tray seems useless, as you can just plant tree seeds in a tree seed hole. This is unless the seedlings that have been in a tray grow faster, but I haven't noticed that.

Same goes for bots that run out of power behind trees, it's near impossible to get to them.

I assume this is a feature to make sure the bots don't 'paint themselves into a corner' with trees...

Not sure if bug or feature, but a bot ordered to 'Find Nearest Tree Soil' will ignore Tree Soils adjecent to a Tree Seed Hole.

Hello! Great game! I think I found a bug, though.

I have the following setup:

The first General Storage contains planks, the second poles, and the Basic Workbench is set up to create wooden axes. Works like a charm. Andy chops wood until his axe breaks. Since his hands are then empty, he goes to the Storages, grabs the components, crafts the new axe, and picks it up. Awesome.

I'd like Andy to just keep doing this, so I want to embed this whole setup within a 'Forever' loop. That's when it all goes wonky, though. I've tried programming Andy in several different 'orders', but none seem to work the way I'd like. Adding a single chopping action and then going to create the axe works. (It doesn't work out, because Andy has his hands full of axe and can't get the planks or poles to create the new axe, but he seems to go through the motions correctly). Then adding the inner loop of 'Repeat until hands empty' again doesn't work: the inner loop seems to be ignored then.

For now I just poke Andy and tell him to 'Go!' again when he's waiting at the workbench with his new axe... am I expecting too much?