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Questionable Systems

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Gave me cold shivers, loved it

Thank you! 

We too are big fans of croissants, they are super good


Hi! It may be that you have a controller plugged in at the same time - the mouse and keyboard movement won't work if that's the case. Sorry about that!

Update - Windows version has been patched to fix some bugs in controller support which were preventing vertical analogue stick input from being registered.

Sorry you're having this issue! We're having trouble replicating this, if you have time could you please email and we'll try work it out :)

Thank you very much for your kind words!
You have also found one of our problems in development - we kept wanting to eat pastries while working on it!

Could you let us know what version you're using (mac, pc, linux) and if you're using a mouse or controller? Thanks!

This is slightly late but Questionable Systems are very pleased to have released our first game (other than for jams).

A pastry assembly robot management simulator.

A system about love, loss and the meaninglessness of existence, Would love all of you nice people to take a look if you have a chance.

Free/pay what you like