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We just released a mac version, feel free to try it out!

You could try lowering the bloom amount in the options and see if that helps the blurring. (The slider sometimes doesn't show the correct amount so you'll need to move it once for it to apply)
What resolution are you running the game at?

We could give it a try!
It might be extra buggy though since we don't have a mac to test it on.

You can try to download the game again now, the fix should be up ^^


Yeah several people have report the same issue, we're looking into it right now. We'll post when the fix is going up on our Discord :)

Hello, thanks for the notice! We just updated our game and the issue should now be fixed!

Thanks fam! ^^

Hey thanks man! :D

We're so happy you like the game and we'll take your feedback to heart. Zooming out the boss is a great idea, we'll try it out! We are still developing the game and so the art is still subject to change. We hope you'll retry the game when we update next time ^^


Hmm, the item-health bug has popped up in some other players games as well, we'll look into it and the AC/DieC bug. Thanks for telling us ^^

Thanks Coconut!

Listen to the Queen! :D

Thanks for the video!

The game is in a very early stage right now, but we're working on getting a new update out pretty soon.  You can follow us on Discord if you want to see what we have planned for the game and things to come :)

Thanks! ^^

We're going to release a big update soon, keep up to date on our Discord if you're interested!

Thanks! Happy to hear you like the concept :D

yeah we are continuing to develop AGDtD and if you want you can follow the us on Discord for updates! Right now we are fixing some of the major bugs and nailing down the general game feel, and we'll upload a new build soon with these updates. Stay tuned!

Thanks! :D

The linux build has been updated, with a fix for the cursor issue. Hopefully it works!

Apologies. We haven't really had time to test the linux build. But we'll see if we can upload a fix. Hold tight!

Thanks for the feedback and the video! We're glad you enjoyed the game and we'll look over the map generation and the physics of the dice head ^^

Regarding the resolution problem, what resolution are you playing in?

Hey! Thanks for playing and for the well structured feedback!

The gripes you have are quite valid and we'll be working on ironing them out for sure!

Could you elaborate on what you mean on spinning the ability dice more than once?
As in, you'd like to be able to spin the big dice more but maybe with an increasing risk factor? If so, intriguing idea, that's something we could definitely explore! :D

We actually discussed this! But ultimately we went with "Die" because of the "die and retry" nature of roguelites and roguelikes :)

Thanks for the feedback! Since it's a very early build, there are some critical bugs that we will fix in future builds :)
Also, what screen resolution are you playing in?

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback!
Reloading is mentioned in the tutorial but of course these things are easy to miss :D 
We've thought about adding some sort of indicator to throw your head once out of ammo but we haven't quite had the time to implement anything of the sort as of yet.

Thanks a lot! Both for the video and the wishes :D

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A Good Day To Die is our first attempt at making a rougelike dungeon crawler with a bit of dicey twist.

Face various possessed household objects, toss your head (not your actual head) , and acquire loot on your quest to retrieve your stolen (actual) head

After only about a month in development we feel we finally have something to show. It was a lot of fun playing around with the ideas of household objects fighting and getting it all to fit together.

Hope you try it out and have fun!


Great point! We'll throw up a ReadMe  right away ^^

So for this year's Ludum Dare we made a Stealth/Rhythm game set in the funky 80's. It's wonky and weird, but a fun experiment non the less!
You play as Dave the Dog as he tries to infiltrate Catastrophe Cate's nightclub. Sneak to the beat and avoid the bouncers, or else they'll throw you out! Go get your groove on :D