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Good idea! I rarely use Discord, but I think I should make a Discord server for the remastered version of this game, as it is significantly better than this one. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy playing it <3

Hi Korikabu,

Thanks for writing in! The game is considered complete. It received its final update, which is v.1.04, on June 7th last year.

The supposedly v.1.05 update snowballed into massive changes and huge improvements that make the game feel different. It will be a completely new game (think of it as a version 2 or a remastered version), but there's no official name for it yet. It's been in development for about 9 months now, and it's nearing completion.

Once that new game is released, owners of this game will receive a free copy of it.

Hi, lillyfox. Due to the many changes (almost a new game already) and the fact that old saves will no longer work because of it, I will no longer release it as an update but rather a new game probably named Zodiac Hunters 2 (name not final as I'm also considering the opportunity to change the title). Owners of Zodiac Hunters will get a free copy (more details when it's released). The planned release date is early April (looking likely but not final as well).

Still cooking. Sorry if it's taking a long time. It snowballed; it's essentially a new game by now. Old saves will no longer work due to the many changes. Here are some changes coming that I can now confirm: 24 new abilities for Dio, Rin, and Selene (total abilities in their pool will be 54, previously 30). So 24x3=72 new abilities in total. Jirah will have a totally new set of abilities as she becomes a special character (no need to unlock), a spellstealer who will have a total of 90 abilities in her pool. And due to the increased pool, there will now be a 'Reroll' option. There will also be new ways to earn and spend Red Orbis. New items and item reworks (all old unupgradable items will be reworked to have upgradable versions). There will still be more, including visual updates, but that's all I can say for now. Once again, I'm sorry if this takes a long time to cook. A trailer and an article will be released soon for more information.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I'll take those into consideration. I'm glad to know you're enjoying the game :) The next update will be very big (like expansion-level big). It's taking a little bit more time to cook all things up. And nothing is final yet; everything may still change, so I can't even give a teaser yet about what's coming. All I can say is that I'm also going to write a massive article about all the new stuff and changes, so stay tuned.

Hi there,

That is not a bug. As the story implies, Jerosh (the ghost in the mirror) stole all the Red Orbis from Dio's pocket. As such, banking Red Orbis only starts in 2nd run.

Thanks for reaching out!

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Heavily inspired by TFT, in this game, you need to make strategies and builds based on what is offered to you! And there are tons you can do! Try this build for example:

And as we join's Summer Sale, this Roguelike game is now on sale!

Take a look at our itch page for more info:

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Game's itch page:

It's a Roguelite game wherein you need to make the most out of the items and abilities offered to you. With over 100 unique abilities and 200 unique items, there are many builds you can do!

The recent update includes new Slash-type abilities! Try new Slash builds with them or get more ideas for builds you can do in this video: 

Zodiac Hunters is a Roguelite game where you can battle with the 12 Zodiacs. But Zodiacs are not the only enemies you'll encounter in your runs. There are also more than 75 unique monsters, each with their own unique abilities. This results to an insane amount of variety, so each of your runs will be different!

The game is currently on sale (34% off until the end of April!)

Get it from the itch page:

Hi there,

Please consider adding my game. It's a turn-based Roguelite game.

Content Creators can create a lot of contents with this game. I believe it's a great game and all it needs is exposure. This will be a big help.

itch page:

I'm looking forward to this. Thanks.

Heat up and learn more about Aries, one of the 12 Bosses from Zodiac Hunters, a turn-based Roguelike game.

Download the game from the itch page:

It's currently on Sale! 34% off until the end of April!

NEW Update is up for Zodiac Hunters, a turn-based Roguelike game focused on character-building. You'll have different builds in each run!

The new patch also includes updates to 58 of the 100 Abilities currently in the pool!

Read the whole patch notes here:

Zodiac Hunters, a turn-based Roguelike game inspired by Hades, TFT, and LoR's POC, is now on Valentine Sale!

The game also got a new update!

Download the game now or update to the latest version!
Go to the itch page,

Thanks for the feedback! I'm aware the texts feel lengthy and can turn people off. I'm working on simplifying the texts and will probably end up implementing something like LoR's keywords system in a future update. Sadly, the RPG Maker UI is, in fact, a major turnoff for a lot of people. I'm not an artist, so I just used what I could from RPG Maker and focused on the gameplay, as that's my forte. But I do have plans to remove all obvious RPG Maker stuff from the game. Definitely not anytime soon, though, as I am still focused on improving and adding more gameplay-related features.

Do you like building synergies with epic items?

Zodiac Hunters is a turn-based Roguelike game inspired by Hades, TFT, and LoR's Path of Champions. Get it now while it's on sale! page -

Weekend Sale lasts until Jan.3

Zodiac Hunters is an indie game that is a Roguelike turn-based RPG. It is inspired by Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and Legends of Runeterra's Path of Champions (LoR POC) with other aspects from other roguelike PC games such as Hades, Darkest Dungeon, and Slay the Spire.

Get it here:

Download the game or update now to the latest version!

PC version:

Google Play (Mobile version):

Zodiac Hunters is a Roguelike turn-based RPG. You will spend most of your time doing epic battles and tinkering your builds in this game. The AI is brutal, so you need 5-head plays, proper timing and execution, resource management, powerful combos, and great synergy. Lose once, and your adventure will be over. It's permadeath so you really need to be careful. As with other roguelike games, there will be one question in each of your adventures in this game: How far can your current build go? If you enjoy LoR's Path of Champions, or TFT's augment system, or if you want a turn-based Hades, or the complex character building from Grim Dawn, you will definitely enjoy this game!

I thought the video would tell you a lot about the game already but okay I'll add some texts.

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End of the Year sale will end today! Download now:

Zodiac Hunters is a turn-based Roguelike game. Gameplay is to adjust your builds and gameplan based on the items and abilities you get. With over 260+ items and 100+ abilities, the permutation is insanely high that none of your runs will ever feel the same. You'll traverse through portals to battle monsters with increasing difficulty every stage 1-4 and boss fight (the 12 Zodiacs) at stage 5!

Happy New Year to all!

The Holiday Sale on Google Play will end tomorrow. While PC version on will end on Jan. 06, 2023.

Mobile link:

PC link:

Thank you.

The saves must be in your local app data. Enter %LocalAppData% and look for the folder named "Zodiac Hunters". The exact location depends on the system and user, so if it's not there, try looking for the same folder name in the "User Data" folder.

Enjoy the holidays :)

Zodiac Hunters is a new Roguelike turn-based RPG. It is now on sale until the end of the year! Enjoy the holidays :)

Get your copy now!

Dive in and learn more about Aquarius, 1 of the 12 Zodiacs/Bosses from the NEW Roguelike game, Zodiac Hunters!

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How far can your current build go? 

That is a question you will ask in each of your adventures in Zodiac Hunters. In this new roguelike game, you will spend most of your time tinkering your build and doing epic battles against the 12 Zodiacs and 80+ other unique enemies. The AI is brutal, so you need 5-head plays, proper timing and execution, resource management, powerful combos, and great synergy. Lose once, and your adventure will be over. It's permadeath so you really need to be careful!

Download Now