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i keep the ticket to use as a bookmark. something to do with the permanency of material things, reminding us of the memories that can slip away so easily... like a train that you reach 30 seconds too late...

Thank you !! It really means a lot you'd leave a comment -- so glad you liked this little machine :)

well i hit 1M bricks.... what do i do with my life now? <3

you're a star <3 computer ANGY

Thank you so much!

The answer depends on which poem you want to look at -- some give the user a lot more say in how the poem is formed than others. The Gatsby love poem is pre-written, but others (later in the game) are broken down into smaller chunks to be generated based on the user input.

Really glad you liked this!

Playing this for class, and... Whoa. Thanks for the most bizarre and clearest representation of how it feels to be up at 2am in front of your computer, even if your bed's inches away.

Thank you so much; I'm happy you liked this!! The red kite was indeed intentional, but I'll leave it up to you to think what that means ;p <3