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Hello first things first, I looove your game been binge playing it all yesterday.

Will there be more favorable/affection options for the other races?

You got a future patreon supporter in me my friend!

Everything about the game I loved! From the diverse and unique animations to the simplistic environment and game play.

Would you consider adding Power Bottom animations eventually?

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great update as usual wolf!

i hope the angel's alright maybe if they're badly injured they retreat to heaven? I always figured the "darker grey" souls go to paradise instead of the "other place". looks like the demons tattoo turned out in our favor. only thing that very surprised me was how fury was so willing to submit himself to star, obviously lying(or was he? ) hope hypey won't be in jail for to long.

glad your becoming popular! with any luck you'll one day be as famous as DyneWulf.

nice update as usual,

if Rufus does turn full beast i hope he still retains most of his normal form (cutie) 

Fury(hyper) seems to be cracking, tell me is the "true friend reminding you who you are" trope cliche because i'm fine with it.

so that's where rainbow angel been and the pimp bear may lose his kingdom who'll take his throne, i got a few ideas. 

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enjoyed the update! <3 glad to see you back.

Why people want Dagio as a date option, beyond me. cant say that i liked it though. i give his character points for honesty(maybe) even for a demon. its obvious who put that tat where and who can guess why...  or not. :p. my only question is why didn't wolfstar ask dagio how he died, probably to mad and confused.

so the guard dogs double as attack hounds. hope the poor girls alright.

i wonder who that shifty broken elf's allegiance truly lies... probably to himself.(sorta respect that)

cant wait till next update

newest update is very dairyliscious! (bad cow puns :p)

Anymoo this build got allot of suspense.(I like suspense) from the weird zebra and shadow guy, the nightmare of wolfstars inner demon rage, to hyper, I mean fury attacking Rufus (to bad I liked him good boy for defending wolfstar).

What’s going to happen next build? Lemme guess!

Do wolfstar might have to kill someone? Is someone else going to intervene? Is he going to use the “beta wolf” to lead him to the “alpha”?

I’m digging the new patreon font.

Give a spooky vibe

I imagine it would go down like this skip to 00:40

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well after I was done restarting and played the update all I can say is a mix of hmm..., ha! and damn!!!

Eh heheh wolfstar literally sleeps with the enemy, his mortal enemy !!! That must’ve the ultimate angry sex!!  Where was Cornelius through all this ;)

Does that means wolfstar going to the church was just a :)

I like your design of curiosity/lust vs ethics/morals, how this effects that in the long and short run.

Haaah...I absolutely can not wait to see how this happened. I will be waiting patiently for the next update <3

I see you updated the game again should I try from the beginning again or can I continue where I left off?

P.S I think an off patreon update blog will be helpful to those who can’t actively support you yet.

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one more question about the game!! 

In wolfstars dream when he beats or helps monsters he gets new ability’s will these dreams have any impact in the real world? 

I know the answer... but i don’t think I should spoil it ...

Just try going around the maze allot you’ll eventually find it but if you can’t then here’s a hint.

Ta__  _e t_ ________se

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that would be One the best birthday gift!!! <3

must say love ya game!!! My favorite alongside Blackgate and Extracurricular Activities <3

I got a question did you sacrificing a bit of the quality of the art in the game to get more progress done on the story? Because that seems efficient! By sacrificing a bit of quality to get more quantity for now and then improving the quality when it’s finished!

If not it’s good either way.

I was a bit surprised you decided to make hyper a semi-antagonist, his part of the story wouldn’t so happen to be related to wolfstar’s dreeaaam is it? a bit foreshadowing. ;)

Oh and also I like you made Cornelius either gay or bi because... the community isn’t so well... “favored” by allot of the Christian populace so making an angel rooting for the rainbows was an interesting writers choice!!

Overall can’t wait for the next build!!! (Unfortunately can’t donate to your patreon would if I could)