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Try opening and closing your inventory? That worked for me.

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A book that squishes its characters together like blobs of dry play-doh until they crumble and merge in monstrous intimacy. It’s fucked up. It feels daring. I really liked it.

This is great. I wish pasting with ctrl-v worked, but unfortunately it’s broken for me.

Oh hey, I was wondering what would have happened if I’d said GO. Thanks

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Absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed the unique control scheme, and it never felt like it was getting old (although I can see how a slow typer could get very frustrated).

The story was cute and well-executed. I was really invested the whole way through. I especially liked some of the smaller details, like how a character later in the story destroys noisy terminals instead of just turning them off. It’s a small thing, but I thought it was really neat.

Ran nicely under wine, which is great.

I did run into one bug: if you manage the doors too well in the last level (where you’re shooting all the guards), the guards can form little traffic jams, and the guards don’t start moving again after the doors open. I had to restart the level in order to kill all of them and progress.

I just used regular old wine. Installed it through my OS package manager.

Worked great with wine for me.

Touching. I love this game.

That was a lot of fun! The graphics felt incredible—and I do mean felt—the little hops were so splashy, and the gunfire felt so punchy! Incredible game.