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It did not give me the option to pick a god.  Is media the only one out right now?

The game is fun but honestly unplayable.  The ledges are to sensitive and buggy to really enjoy.  It's frustrating cause I am more so jumping and smacking the character against a ledge more than him actually catching it.  I cannot get pass the second stage because he is just not catching the ledge.

How do get the employees to rest?

Do you receive a walkthrough with purchase of game?

Whenever I try to input on anything other than the pipe, nothing happens. I cannot interact with the paths to the other cells or the cell door. The only thing I can see to do is to rest but that only gets me to the submit to guardian ending.  Is this considered a bug or am I not understanding how to play the game properly?

Is his name Akram or Ekram? Also, is he a bouncer or a butcher?  I've seen both being used.

My computer won't let me play the game.  It keeps telling me that there is a virus attached to the download.

I am struggling to start Alex's route.  Whenever we get free time and finish talking to him about cooking, the MC says "I don't need anything from Alex right now" when approaching his door.  Is there something I am missing, Also, if I go to bed without talking to someone and go to the pool, the game gets stuck.

Will the final version of the game have voice acting or will it continue to have the computer generated voices?  Love the game so far!

Sadly looks like this game is dead.  Both the patreon and discord were delete.  It's such a bummer cause I really enjoyed the visual novel.  If it is dead, I just hope we get an official announcement.

May I ask how your progress has been?

I did remove my pledge around noon on the 30th so that I wouldn't get charged for the next month.  My billing history does say that I was charged for April and the supported section says it's for Chapter 3 Image Pack. I might be confused on whether that qualifies me for the post or that was a charge from March

Hey, I was a pateron during the month of April and never got the new update.

I saw that one of the bodyguards was bought last night around midnight.

That would be great! Just don't over stress yourself. Good luck!

My PC won't let me play the game. Is there a chance that there will be an android version?