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On that note, Keiichi Arawi has a YouTube channel with a few more recent animation shorts, for those who haven't seen those yet.

I'm currently reconsidering whether the format is sustainable, since I most likely won't be able to update the chart before the next GROVE update arrives.

(The chart is hand-written in HTML without a visual editor, since I haven't found an editor that can do this. Unfortunately, this approach scales badly to larger charts, and each update also requires what amounts to around five or six complete playthroughs of the game. I don't currently expect to be in a position where either would be feasible for me any time soon.)

Maybe we could crowdsource this somehow? I currently don't have the time or spare energy to organise that, either, but it would be less work per person.

It's a file permission issue. The app sets this up correctly automatically, but if you use the archive, just run `chmod +x chrome_crashpad_handler` in that folder or make that file executable through its property dialogue.

I'm not sure why Chromium (which is used as runtime here) doesn't handle this automatically, because it very easily could, but alas.

You can unlock the missing entries in another save file.

The unlocks are shared, so if you meet the conditions in a save that's only partway through the game, the entry will still immediately unlock in your complete save.

(Interact with each locked gallery entry if you need hints.)

I'm not entirely sure which point you mean. Is your question about a part that's still charted here, or about content from the newer update?

(I asked for the Windows version to also be tagged for Linux for now, since that makes it much easier to install and it seems to run well with Wine/Proton.)

I tweaked the default settings a bit after recording, so by default the base delay is now 90 (1.5 seconds) and the character delay is 2.5 (2.5 seconds / 60 characters).

The GIF was recorded with base delay 60 (1 second) and character delay 2.0 (2.0 seconds / 60 characters), which is most likely a bit too fast for a comfortable first read.

That's cool! The UI took me a bit, but the mechanics are at a good point of "it's clear if you think about it", imo. I also like the presentation quite a bit.
(However, I am somewhat familiar with the underlying concept.)

Will there be specific goals in the future?

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Aaand there's RMMZ support now. Enjoy!

I got it in a sale a while ago, but didn't have the opportunity to make plugins with commands for it until recently, since it's Windows/Mac only.

I can probably do that now, thinking about it. I'll look into updating this plugin to make it easier to use in MZ.

Sorry for the late reply. You can get the tatters either in the badit hideout if you get captured and then escape, or alternatively you can now get them new the end of the game by synthesizing them.

(Be sure to get the pot from Bizz to enable this!)

Still very busy, but things are looking up a little. Still no ETA as there are a bunch of other things I should do first before tackling this one.

Please also select Linux for the 'pc' build.
(It already includes a .sh, so it'll work.)

Glad to hear that 🙂

If you publish your project later, feel free to comment here with a link to it. I'm curious what this plugin gets used for, somewhat regardless of whether that turns out to be my cup of tea or not.

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Do you see any other errors in the developer console (which you can open with F12)?

Edit: You don't put anything into the libs folder for this, it all goes into the plugins folder. That's most likely the issue.

It's generally under a minute until the next event triggers, and you can still move around unless you cancel the condition somehow (like by breaking out of the cell in the bandit lair).

In the case of the fruit, there is no way to cancel it after eating it, so you can continue to do whatever and it'll take effect after a delay.

Not from me. (The scenes you can find in the gallery are only a very small part of what makes this game great, and are much better when enjoyed in context.)

Just as a heads-up, I'll also delete any comment that links to such a save file here, for these reasons.

Life has been happening 🫠🫠🫠
I'm really sorry about the long delay, but currently I just can't do it. I'd need to invest about two weeks of little else to update this at the current scope, due to how much work validating every distinct possibility and connection is.

I should be able to look into how to do this more efficiently eventually, but there's a good chance I'll at best have to change the format somewhat and combine it with the next game update's updates once that's out. GROVE got considerably less linear even in 0.3 and I'm having trouble seeing how I can make the flowchart work for it in a way that's still useful.

They don't have a specific use currently, though you get a documents case badge if you collect all of them.

You could also get a Discord role that adds a small apple icon next to your name, but that's apparently only a thing for a few weeks after a major update. (The locations changed completely with the release of Dark Places.)

No news, sorry. Caught some virus so I haven't been getting a lot of work done.

Project-wise, I'm currently focusing on game development tools and infrastructure for a bit. Been having a bit of a spark of an idea, but it's a bit odd genre-wise and I haven't seen an engine that'd fit it well. Trying to make sure it turns out useful even in case the game itself is a bust…

Feel free to look at the source code for reference!

This actually isn't made using any specific tool or such, aside from VS Code, and ShareX to make the screenshots more easily. (You can predefine a screen rectangle size to capture in it. I think I scaled these down to half in the flowchart, though, which makes them less blurry on phones.)

It's really just a web page with a bit of CSS and a few spacers to make the automatic layout work, which tends to come out more reasonable than SVG.

The connectors are all manual using relative grid coordinates though, which isn't all that convenient in the long run… Maybe I'll use a little bit of JavaScript to draw them in automatically when I update this 😅

This was a challenge to myself to see if I could make this using HTML and CSS only, without using any JavaScript at all. It turned out well, but I think the game is reaching a size where that approach isn't entirely reasonable anymore.

Just before you use the explosive powder to escape the mines, there's a bat that traps you using metal bars.
Talk to them through the bars and you should be able to get a Game Over that way.

I think you can force the game into Canvas mode using the Community Basic plugin, which should let you debug the issue.

To make the game run in WebGL mode on more systems, you can replace the runtime with a current 'normal' version from This also improves the performance considerably on all systems, as the runtime that comes with MV is from 2018 and Chromium is about double the version number now.

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I'm pretty certain this happens when the game isn't running in WebGL mode, which ironically can happen on newer devices more easily with the version of the runtime included in RPG Maker.

I had this problem too, since I was running the game using Proton and that doesn't give you hardware acceleration in a browser. I pasted the current Linux version of NW.js over it (adjusting package.json to have a non-empty name) and that was fine.

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I haven't started yet, I'm afraid. I haven't even managed to finish my second playthrough of 0.3 yet… 😖

This is generally not a high-priority project for me, since it's only enjoyable if I can approach it in a relaxed manner. Right now I have a pretty big pile of other somewhat pressing things to take care of, which means the flowchart update will be delayed for a while longer.

That looks like a bug. Make sure you're on version 0.308 as that's the latest version.

If you could head to the discord (there's a link on the official game page), posting about this in the #bug-reports channel would be helpful.

I'm not sure. In theory there's nothing that would block it outright, though there might be an issue if you try to do it right after finishing Tuon's quest, unless that got fixed already.

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The only requirement is doing the slime strip 'Oddity' research with Wizz, but the slime strip scene with Tuon normally becomes available only a bit later.

You'll see the slime strip placed on one of the barrels at his forge once you've progressed through the story enough.

Do you mean the warding sigils for the spare desert robes? You pick them up as part of the jungle quest.

If you mean the Skimpy Covers, you either have to be captured by the bandits or synthesise the material. You can then give it to Tuon and pick it up either just after the desert temple or after completing the quest in the mines (as he will be absent between then).

Please see here:

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Me either 😊

It will take some time though. I can do this fairly efficiently, but it's still hard work and GROVE's gotten more complex with the update than ever.

More details here:

Short answer: Yes if I can help it (and very gladly, because I love the update).

The long answer is a bit more complicated:
TL;DR: It will likely not arrive in one piece, and the guide updates could take a while, both for me starting them and for catching up to the game again.

Just a heads-up: I've updated this plugin with better reliability, a number of API improvements and a custom options menu. (And hopefully no new bugs.)

The API changed a bit from version 0.1, so I don't recommend upgrading it for existing projects, but if you make a new mod in the future please give it a spin and let me know what you think.

The main improvement is that you can now seamlessly transition between patterns and wait for them to complete in linear scene events. There's better multi-motor support too, so all patterns are now automatically retargeted for devices with fewer or more features.


You get this one for getting cock-latched and then removing the Latcher.

There should be Latcher-pods that are still available after clearing the game in the north-western part of the jungle. Once one of them has latched-on, you can use the spring (just north of the first screen with the slugs) to remove it.

There's a slight scene variation for carrying two Latchers at once.

Certain enemies can give you corruption after playing through the game:

  • Slime Dragons will give you a corruption point each time Grove gets slime-suited.
  • The water tentacles in the jungle add a corruption point each time Grove is grappled while naked. (Otherwise, they remove a piece of armour instead.)

Both of these actions lower STM, so be careful you don't get a game-over and lose your progress. Buy a few STM-restoring items if you have the funds.

You can gain more corruption on each trip using the Skimpy Covers (bandit "armour"), as they increase Grove's max-STM a bit.

Grove gets slimed during that sequence, and the suit will apply when he loses that fight (without his STM hitting 0).

There are several enemies in the game where losing to them isn't always a game-over but lets you see some slightly different events or pieces of extra content.

There is no additional corruption point that way. You get both (one shortly after another) just for getting caught once and choosing the "stay a bit longer" option there. Unless I made a mistake that is.

In any case it doesn't matter much: You can farm corruption points endlessly from certain respawning enemies.

(I love the music and colour palettes.)

I played it on Steam Deck and it works well on there (after switching to fullscreen so the filter looks fine), but setting it up was a bit of a hassle. If Godot lets you publish a Linux build easily, I'd appreciate that, since then the itch app would let me install and update this game.

Better controller support would be nice. The D-pad works, (A) can be used in menus and the (B) button pauses the game, but I don't think I can use/examine or swap the inventory slots without mapping them to keyboards keys.

There's one glitch I ran into: If I go to the title screen with* a saved game (whether by quitting out or restarting the game entirely), I see PRESS ANY KEY, but the menu itself seems to be already active to controller input while being invisible. (If I press (A), then the game Continues directly.) I can make the menu show up by pressing an actual keyboard key.

* May not matter. I didn't check controller inputs first.

Overall I think the story section is a bit stronger than the level, but I don't necessarily like food-serving games like this, so pile of salt there. It's nice that there wasn't any time pressure in non-hard-mode.

I don't really want to get too explicit about the apple locations, but these two are not exactly inside the game world itself, so it's easy to wander in circles looking for them 😉