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I like to say if it takes me less than five minutes to help out, it's all good no matter what (since it really never keeps me from anything else).

But thank you for the "thank you" 😉. Even though I do this as a matter of course, it still feels good to occasionally hear that it makes a difference to someone.

The jungle is reachable from the starting cliff area of the game, to the South/West of the Quiet Meadow. There's a forest path you can take there at this point.

It's fine, I had a very similar issue on a later screen myself. It's not always clear where you can exit the map in the jungle.

You can jump across the river with the right timing and direction. Look for the glowing sigil a bit to the south and face downwards while standing on top of it, then interact.

(1 edit)

This first slug screen has two exits, both in the upper right. One is a cleansing spring and one is progress.

You'll have to loop around the left side to reach them.

This chest is unlocked by losing the tutorial fight.
That can only be done directly after starting a new game, but since the gallery unlocks are shared, it will apply to your existing save also.

Glad it's working for you!

I haven't had opportunity to get creator feedback on using this plugin so far, so if there's anything that was tricky or didn't work as expected, I'd love to know. (You can also suggest additional features, but there it depends on demand and how difficult it would be to add it. I made this as fun/experimental coding project originally and would like to keep it in that range.)

Greta feels like a painfully accurate nod to how we must come across internationally when we get a bit ahead of ourselves here. I cringed a bit. But overall I think she's also one of the better-written and more layered "that one German person" I've seen in fiction recently, and I appreciate that too.

(The wifi password is extremely funny to me as a local. I guess it's a bit of a meme, but personally I think it does what it's supposed to, so I'm not surprised she's fond of it.)

The Math background gives detailed research and exploration stats, yes.

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I'll go loosely by the bullet points to make this wall of text have at least some structure.

1. I'd like to see a bit of role reversal where the MC can take or (if Asterion is sufficiently riled up) yield the more active role in a scene, or (smoothly) push Asterion into the bed/pillows to end up on top of him. In terms of kinks, bondage and latex (clothing or accessories) are personal favourites (though I don't know how well the latter would work with fur, considering the game seems to otherwise take a realistic approach). Being able to masturbate/top and/or interactively edge him manually and/or using toys, similarly to the kiss scene, would be really hot.

I love the occasional surprises about how Asterion's body works. I suppose that's less of an idea and more of a "more of that please", though.

2. M3tav0X's idea of riling up Asterion with hypotheticals is verz hot. More casually, the MC unexpectedly revealing that he's (very) open to trying some thing or other and getting him flustered that way sounds very fun. (On my main playthrough, it's unclear how much experience the MC actually has, but he's not shy about drinking games.)

3. I have the strong suspicion that, if the topic comes up, Asterion could use internet research and contracts to make sex toys, especially interactive ones. (From what I can tell, he could easily do this on his own by skipping the electronics.) He could probably even tweak them on the fly if needed, though handing a stealthy "linked object" remote to a more sexually dominant MC seems fun too.

Also, as others have mentioned, he seems like he might slip the MC an invitation or other message in form of a poem sometimes.

4. There's a contract somewhere that makes Asterion feel the Master's pain, right? (I'm not sure he ever mentions this out loud, though.)
It may be possible to amend that one to a) temporarily replicate other sensations like touch and b) also work in the other direction.
(Kinky idea: Maybe this could even be used to act as temporary body swap that works between the MC and Asterion specifically. That would make a really interesting late NSFW scene.)

5. Bondage is a touchy subject in this situation. I think Asterion may be okay with it or even into it if it's light and doesn't involve any hotel or labyrinth magic to restrain him (beyond summoning physical but otherwise mundane restraints, likely ones he could break out of with some effort). He may have some unusual preferences related to how his body works, that would be interesting. There may also be a need for an additional contract that limits the Master to make the scene safe for Asterion.

(I'd actually like it if the MC could state very early on/in advance and unprompted that anything involving pain is off-limits, in both directions, due to the proximity to BDSM. The labyrinth seems to enforce one of them anyway, but this is a different context not built on contracts, so I think it bears restating.)

Manipulating Asterion's body would be interesting as Theodwulf mentioned, but I don't think he'd be okay at all with his mental state being changed directly this way (and it may not be a good idea to do this even if he requests it for some reason). However, he may be able to become much more comfortable with this part of the situation if the MC uses this to pleasure him more indirectly by adjusting shapes and/or sensations (but in either case, I wouldn't be comfortable with doing this without confirming consent and boundaries first).

6.&7. To be honest, I have no idea where I even ended up on that scale. Determined Asterion is hot as hell and he's utterly cute when flustered. I want to directly compliment him at some point, even if it's a bit blunt. Topping him while he's not entirely submissive would be great, I think. And cuddling afterwards.

8. It's hard to tell. I think he may be into kinks that let him safely explore parts of his past trauma, but outside of that I suspect he'd also want MC to have a more hands-on approach to his culture from when he was alive in Crete. Or to himself in such a context, for that matter. Maybe he'd prepare a set of clothes for the MC to wear going into such a scene, especially if he recreates the climate from Crete there and it doesn't match the hotel's.

(final edit: Just went over this again, hopefully it's a bit more coherent now.)

It's west/to the left of the inn. The map changes after a certain point in the story, but you can still get the scene there. The tent area just looks a bit different.

The secret is taking a nice screenshot of an event (this can take a few tries, but ShareX makes it quicker in "Fixed size region mode") and then immediately adding the entry to the flowchart, before I do anything else.
The layout is fortunately mostly self-arranging: I still have to tell it how the scenes relate to each other and where and how to put the links, but for the most part I don't need to worry about avoiding overlaps.

I've also been using version control software, which makes it easier to see where I left off in the previous session.

A lot of effort went into actually (not)running into the events and branches in the first place, though.
(I wasn't quite testing every possibility, since there's a certain rhythm to the game, which let me guess some of the details.)

There are a few small post-game events in that version again, yes. I should have specified.

I'll have them in the flowchart again, once I publish the update to it. It's not quite ready yet, but it's close :)

Up to 0.12 yes, but I think this is a new chest in 0.2.

You can't miss it anymore if you're followed this flowchart so far to see all events, though.

Yes, but it will take a while. I'll wait after the game stabilises a bit more, then play through it casually again a second time while making different choices.

I'll start work on the flowchart only afterwards, as before, since I'll have a better feel for the branching points again.

Afterwards, I'll have to really experiment with which action causes what, since there seem to be a few events that require multiple others to happen first.

I'd expect an update here in at least two weeks at the earliest.

(I'll probably start to ask fan artists about linking more works related to 0.122a beforehand, though. I've seen a few more were posted by the creators on their accounts outside the Discord, which makes them easier to link to.)