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Hello! Just released Kong!, a remake of the Game & Watch game Donkey Kong Jr.

Made this as an exercise to finish a small game using Godot Engine. It is available for Android, Linux, Windows and MacOS X.

Of course, it is free. Hope you like it

This is very nice, graphics and animations are very good. 

I've some suggestions:

There is no way to skip the intro text, and it is very long and slow... not good for impatient people!

When switching to fullscreen pixels are stretched, and it doesn't look so good... I think that integer scaling depending on screen resolution would be good (i.e mine is 1680x1050)

When scrolling there is some tearing, I think that activating VSync would improve it

Anyway, great game!

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Hello, when running the Linux version the following error is shown:

./rfxgen: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by ./rfxgen)

I am using Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon, 64 bits

Thank you!

PS: Windows version runs perfectly using Wine :)

Thank you for trying our game, Freaky! We have run out of time to improve the UI or adding music.

There was an important bug in previous version that made de game run very slowly. Please, you can try the correct 1.2 version now.

Thanks again for your comments!

Very funny game!