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These are some images of my stranger things themed horror game inspired by Amnesia Rebirth, and SOMA. Here is some images of the UI, Journal/Inventory system and beginning environment areas. (The screenshots didn't come out full HD so sorry for the inconvenience)

glad you enjoyed! Yes the complex doors I tried to make were a bit buggy but that will all be resolved in the full chapter one :D 

I’m sorry to hear that. It never had that issue for me when I was playtesting for a long time 

Glad to hear you enjoyed! The full release will definitely contain creatures to deal with just like amnesia as well as thicker atmosphere + scares. :D

It is May 1841, just another day but not for Dan McCallister. Dan is a paranormal investigator on the search for a missing town girl named Jane. But she is not the only victim on this island, the island has a story as old as time can remember, the disappearances of 1 victim every May 24th. The number 24 has been drilled into the minds of many, piercing fear into the hearts of many on this island. Could Jane still be alive? Will we be alone in the dark on this search? So many questions. but currently there are so few answers....

Link :

2 In Game images from demo shown below :

P.S. - This game is made by one 16 year old kid so there may/will be bugs and will not be the most polished release. But in the development of the full Chapter One release all issues will be ironed out and lot's effort is going into this game :D

It was an easter egg for a youtuber I watch lol. I sent him the code and it loads up a special room with a message to him. If that makes sense. Glad you enjoyed the game!! Made in 10 days for a competition so it isnt the best, by demos for my 2 good games come out in june :)

It must be something with your pc, Idk. No one else is having this problem. DO you have a graphics card or integrated graphics? 


glad to hear you enjoyed! Loved your playthrough. Currently been working on my biggest project since December and January, an Amnesia style horror game adventure! The demo will be released this month :) 

32 Bit Uploaded on GameJolt Page! Hope you enjoy the game. Demo for my amnesia game coming soon this month :) 


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I’m  currently working on an amnesia game since December. With a full story, atmosphere, puzzles etc. the demo will be released this month and the full game out this summer. Releasing a demo for another game this summer as well. 

I will be back home tomorrow evening, I will export a 32bit version. It should export no problem :) 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed. I’ve always wanted to create a PT style game while adding on a unique twist, this jam was then perfect way to achieve that! Looking forward to the next scream jam :) 

glad you enjoyed! At the last minute I needed a basic track for that room so I got one that yourube probably didn’t like. It was the end of the 10 day game jam so I did the best I could in terms of sounds lol 

Thanks! In the 10 day limit for the jam it made it hard to adjust the lighting to be perfect and same with doors. In future projects everything will be much more polished. Glad you enjoyed! 

glad to hear you enjoyed!! I am 3/4 happy with how it came out in the 10 day limit. But yes I found them menu music on YouTube as royalty free, I forgot what the name of it’s was. But I didn’t make it myself. Glad you enjoyed tho ! :) 

glad to hear you enjoyed! Oh really? I set the speed of the monster to be much slower than the player, confusing. But for a 10 day Jam game I hope the game was good! :) 

This is incredible!! Would love to use this as a trailer for the game page if you'd be alright with that! :)

Creating some small horror games to see what mechanic of "horror" i'm good at. I'm the guy who made The Hollows chapter one. Ive stopped that project for now to make smaller games to practice and hopefully get noticed. Released my new game tonight if you and anybody else would like to try it out. Created in a week and a half so not the most polished or detailed.

Creating some small horror games to see what mechanic of "horror" i'm good at. Released my new game tonight if you and anybody else would like to try it out. Created in a week and a half so not the most polished or detailed.

I have been making short things on my own to test puzzles and making gameplay smooth, as a challenge to see what I learned I hid my other game for now and just now released a short horror game called anxiety. Before I try to make anything large/major I'm going to make smaller horror games to test and see what genre of horror game I'm best at. I just hope I can get it noticed <3

PARALLEL is a stranger things themed horror game, you wake up in the abandoned Hawkins lab, all workers and others members were killed. You must explore the facility finding the resources you need to escape. But tread lightly, what they will do to you if they catch you is terrible....good luck in this horror game influenced by by Puppet Combo 80’s VHS graphics and SOMA’s atmosphere. 

- Game is currently being developed, release of Game is coming very soon. Will be posting development sneak peaks of the game before release! :) 

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This game project is very impressive! Full marks to you man!

I too am a high school game developer, so i understand the feeling of bugs popping up and all of that, but this game was very good! Looking forward to seeing your progress in the future. I use the Unreal engine so we couldnt exactly "Work together" but if you'd ever be interested in teaming up i'm fully up to it

My game demo i just released 2 weeks ago just shows the mechanics and story for the full game, *Outlast and Amnesia inspired) no objectives or monsters yet. Coming in full release tho. Also working on another game which is smaller and contains a monster/scares

Full marks to your game!!