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nice, can I get the source to fork it, I wanna make some changes to the game, if you allow.

I published this game just to show how you can use python to run games in the browser now with pygbag. Come visit my blog to see how it’s easy https:\

Nice game

As I find a little ‘though’ to move around holding the middle button of the mouse, I thought if there was a way to move around holding the right mouse button. As the right mouse button shoud make pop up the contextual menu maybe it is not possible. I saw that there is a way to customize buttons, so I managed to do it pressing ctrl. This way is quite confortable, but it move a little too much, it would be nice to have a more precise way to move around without too many rapid movement, I don’t know if I am explaining well, because most of the time we will move around the planner, so it would be important. It’s a thing that I do not find in any app where you have to move around (like the app to draw for example). Thanks

great improvement in this one. I just bought it yesterday and I found it interesting, but now you really polished the graphic so much it is really enjoyable. Could you make it possible to move the panel holding the right button or make it possible to modify, instead of the central button, because for me it’s better. Thanks

excellent, perfect in this low res version… so smooth.

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Thank you, stay tuned because I am still working on it to make it more easy and fun to use to create maps for the game of smelly frog. Probably I will make it more usable also for other type of tiled based games. I made a new version 2.1, easier to edit now.

Ok, thanks. I am sad that you do not want to get along with this game, but I’m happy to know you will gel along with the great froggo. I will make the editor also for educational purposes, to make tutorials about making editor for tile based games.

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I like this game. Just 4 hours? Great, I like the froggo serie and so I like this too. I’m making - just for fun - a map editor for it . Let me know if you are interested in this project.

Great! I always wait for your updates, the game is pretty fun and I do not notice any loss of speed.

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I’ve played a little more the 1.1.1 and there are amazing improvements compared to the previous version. I think it’s going to become one of the nicest shooter… since 80ies. I like the many graphic improvements and some nice touches like the bomb that explode launching other bombs. Now the bullets trajectories when there is a lot goin on are more clear, great job on graphic design. Now I go try the new version.

Great, can’t wait for the result :)

Oh, I’d like also to see an implementation of the joystick too.

I liked the previous version for its retro style and galaga feel and I like a lot all the updates you made with those widgets that comes from the sky, the graphic is perfect, awesome. I like also those enemies that through themself at you. I’m waiting for the next update and I’d like to see a little homage to galaga with an attack in a squad in galaga style… great job.

Great! The march demo is really cool. So fun to play. I like the new stuff you’re adding that is making the game really fun to play and also challenging sometime. I like the fact that you can attach to the floor too to go into “secret” areas, those flowers to which you hang to. I think it is very original. I just want to suggest to make the background colors more “bluish” and less “hot”, so that the player can immediately feel what is far from what is near, because it can confuse sometime. I think this is one of the best pygame videogame I have seen and also one of the most fun platform, potentially.

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Ok, it’s my pc that has some problems, I tried the same files on another one and it worked… sorry for the time waste. Great game, by the way, now that I’ve tried a little bit I’m just fascinated by your skill in making games. I can just imagine what if you could spend more time on a project.

I can hear the sound, but I just have a white blank screen. Any idea of the possible reason?

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I always liked the gameplay of this game and I am following your progressions with a lot of interest. It’s becoming really fun to play, the jumping around with the tounge with a very fun feeling and it’s also pretty challenging, giving a twist to the game. I like also all those little touches you’re adding to the game. All runs smootly. Great work. I’ve made my little post about it here.

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Sorry, but… what should I do? Can’t see what keys I should hit… oh, ok, now I get it… every key and sometimes the one that shows up… nice game with graphic and sounds as always… but… do you want me to broke the keyboard? It would be nice to have some actual words to type on the screen…

Nice update, like the hat, the fish is funny (but… has some rule in the game). Good also the fact that now you can control with the arrow keys all the movements. Still do not understand the use of the shift. Keep adding stuffs guy and it will be even more fun.

I like the graphic, the snow, the way it jumps, the flame and the overall atmosphere… but what is the goal of this? To go forever on the right? Nice concept though.

Great puzzle game

You’re welcome; I enjoied the game and I’m still playing it and I want to follow your next ones :)

This is so fun, like very much the 80ies arcade style!

Great, I’, definitively curious and I want to share your point of view in my blog.

Nice… I’ll be looking for it

I’m a fan! This is the third game I enjoyed. I like 3 things: the retro atmosphere of the graphic and sounds, the smooooth movements, the crazyness of the game (that is absolutely the first element you need in a retro game like this. And, of course, I love the fact you did it with pygame, of course. I will, as always, mention this game in my blog, cause it needs to be seen. Keep doin’ games like this. If you want to send me some information about your vision of games, referred to pygame too, I’d like to put it in my blog. Contact me on twitter in case you’re interested.

I played with FPS = 120 spawn_delay = 1000 and it was pretty amazing!

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Nice! I liked starfighter and this is very nice too. I like the 2 buttons do everything thing. Great 80ies styles as ever. Got this on github? Keep going with the nice job with pygame, which is a great tool imo. I also dedicate a post to your game here and also to Yukon Escape, another great one

no lag for me, nice game ’bro

Test your working memory, the memory that stores the temporary informations to be then elaborated. You know that at this test chimps are often better than humans? Try it it’s fun and free. Go here to get the executable This is a video of the gameplay.