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great improvement in this one. I just bought it yesterday and I found it interesting, but now you really polished the graphic so much it is really enjoyable. Could you make it possible to move the panel holding the right button or make it possible to modify, instead of the central button, because for me it’s better. Thanks

Hello! Sorry for the late reply; I really appreciate your feedback! I'd like to ask, though, what you meant by "move the panel holding the right button"? I'm not quite sure what you're referring to. Thanks for using MasterPlan, nonetheless!

As I find a little ‘though’ to move around holding the middle button of the mouse, I thought if there was a way to move around holding the right mouse button. As the right mouse button shoud make pop up the contextual menu maybe it is not possible. I saw that there is a way to customize buttons, so I managed to do it pressing ctrl. This way is quite confortable, but it move a little too much, it would be nice to have a more precise way to move around without too many rapid movement, I don’t know if I am explaining well, because most of the time we will move around the planner, so it would be important. It’s a thing that I do not find in any app where you have to move around (like the app to draw for example). Thanks