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A member registered Mar 06, 2016

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Hey man, impressive work all on your own. I would mention though it chugs quite a bit on my laptop. It's not massively powerful but can run most games at 60fps on high with no issue. I'd also suggest replacing jump with a dodge as it'd be way more useful in combat, and speeding up stamina regen. I would often stand around for ages waiting for it to regen so I didn't walk into the next fight with none!

Nice little game, the UI is a bit clunky. I'd like controller support and maybe some sounds in the combat.

I tried but the controls are just so unintuitive. If you;re going to make us use the mouse for inventory, don't make arrow keys the movement keys. 

The downloadable file. I've downloaded it into the Itch app.

I tried for a while to focus, didn;t work. Then my eyes flashed, then I got a splitting headache. Maybe it's not for me lol. Neat idea though.

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Really enjoyed this. It just goes to show what some quality animations and good control design can do. Everything feels smooth and well done. One point, the crafting system is fine but getting new recipies when you have the ingredients can be counterintuitive. So I want to build a house but have no idea what I need. So i endlessly just collect everything until it pops up? It's also not clear how to join servers but I'm sure that'll come with time. Please, please carry on with this game and keep improving it. With some deeper combat and clearer goals I can see myself paying for this and spending some serious time in it!

EDIT: Just played 4 hours with random players and it was great. Little things like falling trees breaking other trees, the game noticing when you're sheltered from rain and crafting sort of unfolding as you build more stuff is fantastic. I cannot wait to see what Valheim turns into with more time and care. Seriously promising start.

Eat mushrooms. You can find them growing around trees. they slowly regen your health :)

Really good so far, the only thing I'd say is I know combat is supposed to be challenging but there isn;t much finesse to it. I either have to shoot the big guys a few times then dash in and hope I can chop their health down or use rare bombs to stun them. I think with a bit of smothing in the combat this could be really great. The story is mysterious and gives you just enough to encourage you to set out and explore.

Cool game, lots of potential. No sounds makes it a bit creepy lol. Also the controls currently are a bit unintuitive. A speedometer could help with figuring out when you're at max speed and some work on the controls would smoothen things a bit. It's clearly early days though, looking forward to seeing what this turns into :)

It's like SWAT 4 with less squadmates and more hard. I mean Jesus you have to be John Wick sometimes with how quick these bad guys are! Loads of potential though, here's hoping for more tools in the full release. Like a heartbeat sensor or fibre optic camera so you don't open a door and get shot in the face before you can blink lol.

Can't get this to work. Using the Itch launcher app thingy. shame, looks cool.

Thanks for replying and good to hear we're on the same page. Maybe when I get around to making my first game and putting it up here I can count on your feedback :)

I like the concept but at the moment it's kind of grindy. Like the spiders in the second room, there was no way to beat them until I'd killed the first spider about 10 times and amassed enough cash to buy a few upgrades. This sort of grind is fine when the levels are randomised every time but when it's the same layout and enemies it feels a bit redundant. I can see you decided againt doing this but I personally think it's the randomisation after each death that makes roguelikes tolerable. Especially considering there's no reaction-based skill involved in your game.

Ah right, I didnt get that far to be honest. I feel like I need to dig out by USB SNES controller to really get stuck in! And yeh, I'll keep that in mind, looking forward to future versions :)

Amazing work in such a short space of time dude. Really looking forward to seeing where you take this! Can we have a sprint function though? Link moves so slow! Eithe that or my weak-ass latop can't run it properly lol.

Dayum, DS would have been way harder on GameBoy! Not sure it would have been as popular. Neat idea though, keep it up. Would love to give it another go with some sound and music :)

I have literally no idea what to do! I type all sorts of things but get no clues how to proceed. It looks pretty cool visually though.

Unfortunately none of the tools work for me!