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I think you're overselling it a bit with the description based on what it currently is. The controls are fine but the character is fllinching all over, the music to loud and the sound effects are all over the place.

Won't load for me. I left it for 5 minutes and the square continued to spin...

Few things:

  1. While the graphics are lovely, it makes navigating the forest difficult at times when like 6 things overlap each other. 
  2. The central gameplay loop is fine, but trying to remember how to get back to camp when you've ventured far into the forest can be a chore. 
  3. Combat is good so far and I like the 3 attacks mechanic but once you've fought an enemy once, as long as you write down what their weakness is, the tactical element sort of vanishes. Why would I not use Lunge if I know the enemy is weak to it?
  4. Some of the dialogue is a bit exposition heavy. 'Due to this thing, you must do this thing. Then that means we can do this other thing.'. It could do with some spice, especially the Dad character is a bit generic currently.
  5. The controls seem a bit all over the place. I'm using WASD to move, E to interact but the best way to do combat is with the mouse. Also the only thing I have to move my hands for is the inventory. Adding an on-screen button for it or mapping it to Q or something would feel better. Also mouse movement would be nice.
  6. I found a little bug. I sold a few items to the blacksmith to buy some new stuff. I was supposed to get 10 gold, I got none.

Otherwise it's really promising, looking forward to seeing where it goes!

In that case mate I'd recommend just taking this down. If it's a poor representation of your current work, why leave it here for people to find? It's only going to harm your reputation. Also, grammar aside, the actual subject matter and content of the conversations wasn't great. It's unrealistic as all hell. There's people I've worked with for years who'd never ask my opinion on getting breast implants. Anyway, I'm glad you've improved and are still working :)

Sure, send it over to and I'll check it over as soon as i can :)

I enjoyed it but I'm not a fan of only being able to attack once before your stamina is gone. Some of the little slimes could get 4-=5 hits on me before I could properly attack again. even Kings Field let you do a couple of attacks! Other than that really good atmosphere.

Sorry but for a game that focuses on conversations, the dialogue and characters are terrible. I spoke to Naomi, who i've just met, and she asks me whether she should get a boob job. My character responds 'Yes, I always like girl with big breasts!'. What the actual fuck man. Seriously if English and writing isn't your strong suit, then make a gameplay-focussed game and get someone else to write the small amount of text or speech you need.

Not bad, a bit confusing but not bad at all! Would like to see it expanded into a bit more but keeping the generational mechanic.

Lovely graphics, gameplay really not for me but great for what it is! My only gripe is some of the English, especially in the tutorial is pretty bad, I'm happy to proof read any text you have for grammar and whatnot :)

Enjoyed what I played, my only real bit of feedback is we need more feedback as to what's going on. It took me a few tries to understand why certain characters were doing crap damage to certain enemies. Placement doesn't seem to be that important either, maybe adding attack ranges or abilities that allow enemy control (like pushback) would spice things up a bit.

Also some of the English is pretty bad, which makes it awkward to understand what the tutorial is saying. I'm happy to proof read any text you have :)

Pretty sure it was a launcher issue. Once I got the launcher working the game downloaded and worked flawlessly!

Man the art is amazing the sound great too. Would be nice to be able to use the analogue stick for movement as the 360 pads d-pad is garbage. Also this sort of feels like a HLD fan game. That's no bad thing, you've clearly got some skills, but I'd love to see you deviate further from the HLD template and really do something different with it. Like maybe bring more of a Zelda influence in there with different tools.

No worries. The Endless series is fantastic anyway so have fun playing them. Also there's a book called Don't Make Me Think. It's about web UI/UX design but it's got some really useful stuff in it about how users think about clicking stuff and making things happen on screen, could be useful.

Hi Amos,

Oddly enough I just booted up the app to screenshot the error and it's worked fine. No idea what was causing it, haven't even restarted my computer since the last time I tried!

Hi guys,

I recently had an issue where upon starting the app it tried to update, then failed to install butler 13.1.0. I reinstalled the app from a fresh;y downloaded installer but got the same error. I'd been using the app for months with no issues before this. I'm on windows 10 if that helps.

Great! I have some experience in UI design so I'm happy to help. For a start, check out the Endless series (Endless Space, Endless Legend) for examples of very clean, clear and intuitive strategy UIs. At the end of the day, it's about working out what UI works for your game but there are some basic principles that are worth keeping to.

Try prioritising player actions based on how often they will need to do them. For example, with your game, players will be switching from 1st person to overhead regularly. They'll be assigning workers regularly. Think about any other things players will do very often. Then make a point of making those things easily visible and accessible on the UI. Make them the largest buttons, easily visible. You've got a good start by having number shortcuts for certain things. However if a player needs to make 3 clicks to access something they need every 2 minutes, that's 2 clicks too many.

Then think about the menus and what information is the most important. It's tempting to give players all the info they might need immediately but that often just leads to a confusing wall of numbers and text. Try making important numbers bigger. If necessary, hide more detailed, micromanagement stuff behind tooltips or context menus. For example, seeing how many workers you have assigned to a building and how many you have spare is really important, so that should be easily seen at a glance.

Sorry if that's a bit much and you're probably already thinking about a lot of this stuff. There are entire books written on UI design and player psychology so it's a very broad subject and it's up to you how much time you want to spend looking into it; I'm sure you've got a lot of work to do! A good start is stripping everything back and thinking; What do I actually need to see right now? What do I need to do? Testing and tweaking is the best way to figure this out. Good luck!

Well now the launcher won't run at all so it may be an issue with that. I downloaded the latest version through the launcher and I'm on Windows 10. I'll let you know how it goes as I'm reinstalling the launcher from scratch now.

Cool concept. I'd say it'd be useful to be able to refer to the file again during the interogation. Also the English is a bit off in places. If you start working on this again I'm happy to proof read the dialogue for grammar and flow :)

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On the latest build, I can't start it from the Itch launcher. I get an 'EPERM' error or somesuch.

This may have already been suggested but I think a UI overhaul and simplification is the key here. It's a fantastic concept, one I've been waiting for but currently the UI is Crusader Kings levels of baffling. Being able to smoothly and easily switch between the overhead view, the worker management and first person views would make the game feel a lot smoother. Also being able to rotate buildings would really help with road placement.

Really fun, liking the combat system. Having it in real-time will definately mean a learning curve but if it's balanced right that's no problem. Very polished, lovely art style. Can't wait to buy the finished game!

Hey man, impressive work all on your own. I would mention though it chugs quite a bit on my laptop. It's not massively powerful but can run most games at 60fps on high with no issue. I'd also suggest replacing jump with a dodge as it'd be way more useful in combat, and speeding up stamina regen. I would often stand around for ages waiting for it to regen so I didn't walk into the next fight with none!

Nice little game, the UI is a bit clunky. I'd like controller support and maybe some sounds in the combat.

I tried but the controls are just so unintuitive. If you;re going to make us use the mouse for inventory, don't make arrow keys the movement keys. 

The downloadable file. I've downloaded it into the Itch app.

I tried for a while to focus, didn;t work. Then my eyes flashed, then I got a splitting headache. Maybe it's not for me lol. Neat idea though.

Really good so far, the only thing I'd say is I know combat is supposed to be challenging but there isn;t much finesse to it. I either have to shoot the big guys a few times then dash in and hope I can chop their health down or use rare bombs to stun them. I think with a bit of smothing in the combat this could be really great. The story is mysterious and gives you just enough to encourage you to set out and explore.

Cool game, lots of potential. No sounds makes it a bit creepy lol. Also the controls currently are a bit unintuitive. A speedometer could help with figuring out when you're at max speed and some work on the controls would smoothen things a bit. It's clearly early days though, looking forward to seeing what this turns into :)

It's like SWAT 4 with less squadmates and more hard. I mean Jesus you have to be John Wick sometimes with how quick these bad guys are! Loads of potential though, here's hoping for more tools in the full release. Like a heartbeat sensor or fibre optic camera so you don't open a door and get shot in the face before you can blink lol.

Can't get this to work. Using the Itch launcher app thingy. shame, looks cool.

Thanks for replying and good to hear we're on the same page. Maybe when I get around to making my first game and putting it up here I can count on your feedback :)

I like the concept but at the moment it's kind of grindy. Like the spiders in the second room, there was no way to beat them until I'd killed the first spider about 10 times and amassed enough cash to buy a few upgrades. This sort of grind is fine when the levels are randomised every time but when it's the same layout and enemies it feels a bit redundant. I can see you decided againt doing this but I personally think it's the randomisation after each death that makes roguelikes tolerable. Especially considering there's no reaction-based skill involved in your game.

Ah right, I didnt get that far to be honest. I feel like I need to dig out by USB SNES controller to really get stuck in! And yeh, I'll keep that in mind, looking forward to future versions :)

Amazing work in such a short space of time dude. Really looking forward to seeing where you take this! Can we have a sprint function though? Link moves so slow! Eithe that or my weak-ass latop can't run it properly lol.

Dayum, DS would have been way harder on GameBoy! Not sure it would have been as popular. Neat idea though, keep it up. Would love to give it another go with some sound and music :)

I have literally no idea what to do! I type all sorts of things but get no clues how to proceed. It looks pretty cool visually though.

Unfortunately none of the tools work for me!