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Alex needs to be at yellow hearts/best friends level to get through his version of e13 otherwise you'd have to hangout with someone else (Right now, only Liam is available but Ethan should be available soon this month too)

If Val has a crush on Alex though, he needs to be at pink hearts. OR he can be at green hearts if Liam is at pink hearts 

the UI, graphic effects, and sound design were incredible, they really pull you into the story and made me feel scared and fucked up when things were getting real lol, like i was having palpitations over here over these effects, it was awesome .

I started it thinking Matthieu was kinda cool, which made me suspicious of his intentions. Like, of course I already knew what would happen lol, but that only made him seem more suspicious, like he Must have been faking. But the fact that he wasn't actually just a conniving freak trying to trick Chloe with his kindness almost lured me into a false sense of security, it made it easy to see how she could think of him as a safe person. He quickly falls apart for me, though and by like the five thousandth mental breakdown I've had enough of this dude!! I'm like GOD he's so annoying!! Like, not to be cruel but I got so irritated by him that him being on the roof acting a fool like that just had me like "God just jump already then and leave that poor baby alone!!" The nerve of this bozo!!!

His nonsense reminded me of all the times I would see kids online talking about having to comfort grown adults out of mental breakdowns. Even if he didn't want to be a bad person or a groomer, even if Chloe could consent, he shouldnt have been dating ANYONE lmao that's probably why he wasn't before!

Chloe is a really well done protagonist and say it with all the love in my heart that I feel like she's exactly the type of little adorable nerd who would be convinced she's mature lol She's smart, incredibly smart, and composed. I like that she's so active in trying to maintain the relationship since many people sadly believe that the victim has to be passively preyed on. Even if in her head she wants this relationship it's clear she's way in over her head and she can't see all the other glaring red flags. Like, she didn't see an issue at first because she was so active, which fair, she felt it was her decision, why would she see a problem there? But she also didn't realize that she shouldnt have to feel like she has to "prove" herself and impress him. but then she also didn't realize how fucked up it was that she was playing therapist for this extremely self-centered and emotionally volatile man. She didn't realize that having to hide what was going on from everyone in of itself was an extremely unsafe position to be in because that left him as the only person she could rely on.

anyways i liked it, and I think it really shows how like, self-centered abusers are in a very nuanced way. (not just groomers but other abusive relationships too both romantic and platonic) they don't always twirl mustaches and plot all the ways theyre gonna take advantage of people. Like they sometimes are kind people. I think Matthieu was kind at first but he was also selfish, he made everything about himself and his own feelings and he didn't try to actually improve. Which was why he was so goddamn irritating to watch lmaoo!

Hi another user had a similar error. I copied my response from them here

Basically it's trying to pull a file that no longer exists for some reason (it wants to use the old main menu background art despite it being replaced) i've seen similar bugs before where it's for some reason trying to grab files or displaying images sometimes that haven't been used in an extremely long time. 

deleting the game (and any other stray copies you might have) and reinstalling it entirely seems to work. it's not an issue with entirely fresh installs, though, and it's not an error i can replicate on my end either

If deleting the cache and reinstalling it isn't working you might wanna try grabbing it through steam instead since i feel like it's an issue with the way the itch app is installing updates.

Me reading these comments:

12 episodes! then everyone is getting little extras later on lol

Liam is very cute lol he's funny <3

It's about 6 hours worth of additional content for a free visual novel that i've been working on for years nearly entirely all by myself. Which is why it's 8$

And It's currently in early access for backers and patrons. Which is why it's not available to actually purchase.

Some routes do discuss ethics and morality, particularly Alex who is otherwise a pacifist and deeply dislikes fighting. I wouldn't necessarily describe the story as a subversion, but there are some deeper topics that get discussed and and the magic does tie in symbolically into different themes in each route

Yes, Sophie, Liam, Zacharie, and Chandra are all autistic with Zacharie being autism + ADHD (the protagonist, Valerie also has ADHD n_n)

Thank you! Yes, it is supposed to go to the loading screen! That's my fault for not making it more clear n_n; My bad!

The common route ends at the end of the fight in e14, and after that point, the story would permanently split into character routes.

in the full game, that particular ending would lead into Opal's route, but his story is not coded in to the game yet. Right now it serves as a "bad ending" to the common route, so the player would have a place to be sent if they didn't have enough points to unlock Liam or Alex's versions at the end 

(Each pursueable character has their own variation on the fight in e14, but as of right now, only Liam and Alex's are currently available, I'm currently working on getting everyone else's versions into the game n_n;)

no sorry

it's my sister's OC, she helps draw some of the chibi artworks

Yes, there are games that let the player chose their own pronouns. This is not one of them. This is a game with a set narrative and a set protagonist and SHE is not customizable. SHE is not a self insert character. You can not name HER. You can not change HER appearance. And SHE uses "she/her" pronouns. The only character in the story that uses They/Them is a love interest. an NPC. 

You would know this if you read anything on the page at all. But regardless. Yes. I'm not going to let you change an NPC's pronouns. Not all trans people use "they/them", there are two other character in this story who don't, but there is one character who does. And it's not your decision to change it. I will not allow the player to change the pronouns of non-customizable NPCs. 

Maybe you should worry about brushing up on your comprehension skills and learn how to read with your Brain for once before you attempt to play another visual novel. You're quite possibly the nastiest, rudest asshole I ever had the displeasure of dealing with in my replies. Cry and moan about how hard it is to understand someone's pronouns if you want, but this is my game, my story, and my characters. I'm not writing for ignorant jerks who want to manipulate me into bending to their will. 

Don't talk to me, or any other nonbinary people for that matter, anymore. You clearly don't give a shit about anyone but yourself. Do not reply to me anymore. Do not talk to anyone else in my comments section. 

None of what you said fucking matters. I am nonbinary myself, first off. So you can quit with the condescending bullshit. And I never once claimed all nonbinary people used they/them. Point to me the part of my reply where I did. I would be delighted to see it.

This is about SPECIFIC CHARACTERS pronouns. Specific characters with SET CHARACTERIZATIONS. You can not change this SPECIFIC person's pronouns because in this story, and in this game, much like real life, it's not YOUR decision what OTHER people's pronouns are.

If you read my reply again, SLOWLY you will see that. But you got so concerned and offended over the idea that I MIGHT have called you transphobic that your brain must have turned off. 

Mind you, if you read my reply again SLOWLY you will see I also never claimed you WERE. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and tried to explain why your frankly ridiculous question (how often do video games let you customize NPCs? be fucking for real.) could come across as disrespectful and offensive. Because saying that you find a trans characters pronouns hard to understand reminds me, as a NB person myself, how people justify misgendering me and people like me, because it's simply "too difficult" to learn. But I get the sense that you clearly don't care about how other people feel.

 Learn how to read before you fix yourself to say some stupid shit in other people's replies.

Um well. OK.

1. in this instance, the character's personalities very much do have to do with their chosen pronouns, this is part of their writing and their characterization. it's not a frivolous character trait. They aren't paper dolls for the player to customize however they like.

and 2. it's extremely weird to expect the ability to change an established, non-customizable character's pronouns at all. This isn't a kingdom or god simulation where you are in charge of everyone, it's a narrative visual novel. And it's especially an odd request for trans and non-binary characters. This would be a horrendous idea to implement and would only encourage transphobia and bad-faith arguing that the character's gender's are "up for interpretation". We live in a world where transphobes demand that trans people change their language and presentation for cis comfort. Because it's "weird" or "hard to understand" and it's just "easier" to use a different term. While I am not saying that YOU'RE asking this because their transness makes you feel discomfort, I do think this is something you should keep in mind next time you get it in your head to request something like this.

No.  You can not customize the casts pronouns or names as the protagonist and all of the characters are established characters with set personalities.

I was going through my visual novels collection I'd had for like, god, over a decade? and I suddenly had a massive flashback and was like "whoa! remember those little games you downloaded way back when on the renpy games list in high school?" then I went to the page and had ANOTHER massive flashback and was like "WHOAAA remember that <3 game?? man it was so cute, i don't think I have it anymore." and I very much didn't. so I'm glad I found it again! 

there is a file to put in the games folder for pc, but for android devices i have not tested installing DLC yet so I am not sure. when it's ready for download and tested I'll put the instructions for android on the page :)!

this one is from several years ago as a april fools prank from before the game supported android

Hi it's only in early access for Patreon and Kickstarter supporters right now as I don't feel comfortable allowing people to purchase the DLC at this stage. n.n once a bit more content is available and it's closer to completion it will be available to the public, but for now the only way to play Liam's DLC is through supporting development on Patreon n.n <3

it is not. The voice acting will be implemented in the final game!

there is not a full release date yet! It will have a full and a paid version when it is complete :^) thank you and im glad you enjoyed it!

Happy Easter Fools Day! Even though its a joke, still download the game if you wanna read a short silly story featuring the MWDH cast

If you have stumbled on this and don't know about the game already consider playing the Demo

I didn't realize I left the donation option on, if you want to pay consider it a donation toward the development of the real full game. if you paid on accident please request a refund via itch

this post made me smile a lot lol. i watched the video too and I liked it a lot, im glad you enjoyed the demo so much!

The download link is at the bottom of the page it should start downloading right away